My XXXmas Gift

A Dom finds himself deployed over Christmas so he arranges for a friend to provide a little Christmas cheer for his slave girl.

Free read from the point of view of the Dom:

My XXXmas Gift


Well dude, I have got to say, that did not suck. I mean, I’m sorry you’re stuck overseas for Christmas, but I have never done a favour that was quite so enjoyable before. Your slave is a smokin’ hot little number, and like you said, super obedient. How long did it take for you to train her?

Anyway, I’m pretty sure she enjoyed your Christmas present as much as you were hoping. I have included her panties (they’re a little worse for wear, heh) with this letter so you can smell for yourself. You’re welcome.

I promised you a recounting, however, so even though I’m no fucking Shakespeare, let me tell you how it happened.

I showed up at your house at 19:00, like you said, and used the key you sent to get in. It smelled phenomenal in there, like sugar cookies, gingerbread and candles. In the kitchen, an army of gingerbread men were lined up across the counter. The best part was that they came in two varieties — standing and kneeling. I assumed they were submissives and dominants, though I didn’t exactly get the chance to ask your girl about that heh.

There were also dozens of sugar cookies spread out on cooling racks on the glass stove top and I lingered in the kitchen, nomming one of them. I could hear your girl in the other room, not moving or talking just sort of shifting in place. She must have been dying to know who was in the house and what I was going to do, but to her credit she didn’t call out, didn’t come to see.

When I was ready I went in, taking my time and making sure she could hear each step of my boots as I approached (I wore my combat boots like you asked). The living room was as you said it would be. Decorated up the wazoo and filled by a giant Christmas tree. Gold garland, the old kind like we used to have when I was a kid, was draped over it in perfectly even boughs and the fairy lights sparkled in every color of the rainbow.

I loved the angel up top, her hands were held in front of her holding a candle stick but someone had twisted pipe cleaner around her wrists to form little restraints. Was that you? It’s an awesome touch. I’m going to get my girl to do that to our angel.

The best part of the room, of course, was your slave.

She was sitting at the base of the Christmas tree, in amongst all the presents, wearing a blindfold and some cute Santa-themed lingerie. I wish I could have seen her eyes but she looked fantastic, though her hair was longer than I expected. Perhaps she’s let it grow in your absence? You may want to get her to send you a new picture, it might be time for a trim. Don’t get me wrong, I loved how it fell in chestnut waves down the middle of her back, but it’s my understanding that you prefer your women with shorter locks than I.

Anyway, she’s awfully cute and you are right, the fact her nose is just a little too big makes her look even sweeter. Her lips though, dude, you hadn’t warned me about how tempting they would be. But I was good, I didn’t kiss them. Just like I promised.

Her boobs were practically bursting out of the top of the red velvet teddy she was wearing. It was trimmed in white feathers that stirred every time she exhaled. Because of the way she was sitting I couldn’t see her ass, but her legs were long, toned and clean shaven. Her skin was bathed in a soft tan that made her look exotic, mixed-race maybe. Sexy as fuck no matter how you look at it.

I took my time standing over her, looking down and finishing up the second cookie I’d snatched from the kitchen. She turned her head toward me, though there was no way she could see through her blindfold. Still, I hadn’t given her permission to look up so I resolved to make her pay for that. It wouldn’t do to have her start being too bold, I’m sure you agree. Though, to be fair, given that you have been away for a couple months now I think she did well to only have that one transgression.

She shifted her position and I heard the wrapping paper on the present behind her crinkle.

“Eyes down,” I said, and she immediately complied. I wonder what she was thinking then because up until that point, no doubt, she had held out some hope that somehow it was going to be you. The ultimate Christmas surprise. If she was terribly disappointed though, she did a good job of hiding it (though I’m sure that says more about your discipline than her disappointment).

I paced around her, walking in a slow semi-circle. I couldn’t afford to just feast my eyes on her, though, because I needed to find it. The thing that was going to be the piece de resistance, if you will. I always like my playtimes to be inspired by something, and I needed that something for this scene. Something special. Something… festive.

“Your Master sent me here,” I told her while I walked, my gaze going carefully over every detail in the room. I could see a toy box at her side, where you said it would be, and I paused there long enough to open it and peek inside. “You are to obey me as you would him. Do you understand?”

“Yes,” she said, and her voice was soft and as sweet as the cookie I’d just eaten.

“Yes, what?” I demanded, turning my voice hard as brittle.

“Yes, Sir,” she said after a moment’s hesitation.

I knew from your letter that you wanted me to make her address me that way since I was acting as your proxy, and her hesitation made me like her even more, I won’t lie. I would very much expect my girl to hesitate before calling another Dom Sir, even if I had instructed her to do so. You would have been proud.

“Good,” I said, and my gaze fell on it. The toy I was going to use to turn this play session into something to be remembered. It was a glass dildo. No doubt you know exactly the one I’m talking about — it’s about 7″ long with a bulbous head.

The lights from the Christmas tree shone on it and through it. When I picked it up and turned it in my hand they bounced, flickered and sparkled like they had a life of their own. You won’t think me too poetic when I say it was a beautiful sight and I was very much looking forward to seeing how the lights would look once the dildo had been bathed in the arousal of your slave girl.

“The rules are simple,” I said, looking to where she sat, her legs straight out in front of her, chest heaving though we’d not even begun yet. “You will do as I tell you. You will not remove your blindfold nor will you come without permission. Do you understand?”

“Yes, Sir,” she said and I smiled at the arousal in her voice. She’s missed you, my friend. She certainly has.

“Do you want a safe word?” I asked.

“Yes, Sir,” she said. I was a little disappointed, I admit, but it made sense — she doesn’t even know who I am. I looked around the room and decided it was only missing one thing to be the perfect Christmas card brought to life. “Fireplace,” I said. “That’s your safe word.”

“Thank you, Sir,” she said.

“Wait,” I commanded, probably without need, and then I strode back into the kitchen. When I opened the fridge door the condiment bottles on its shelves rattled and sang, giving away what I was doing, no doubt. Still, she didn’t know, she couldn’t know, that I was putting something into the fridge, not taking it out.

I tucked the glass dildo into the fridge, shut the door and turned to go. Then I changed my mind. I didn’t know how long I was going to be playing with her before I would want the dildo, and I wanted it pretty cool. I didn’t want to give her frostbite, you understand, but a little shocking contrast is, as I’m sure you know, a very good thing. I re-opened the fridge, retrieved the dildo and tucked it into the freezer. That would work far better.

I stopped in the doorway between the kitchen and the living room to admire the view once more. She looked delicious sitting under the tree, all expectant and festive. Good enough to eat.

When I re-entered the room she didn’t look up which convinced me that she knew better, that you’d trained her not to, and she’d merely forgotten herself the first time. Which, in turn, reinforced my decision to punish her for it. Nothing too serious, but something. Something to let her know that you still controlled her, even from five thousand miles away.

“Your Master sent me here.” I said, by way of reminder that her role was to serve, not be served. I meant to put her in her place. “Think of it like a Christmas gift.” (I didn’t say for who, heh)

I waited for her to respond and, after a short moment she did. With a soft “Yes, Sir.”

There’s something about the way she says Sir, isn’t there? I’m surprised that you have her call you Master. Sir, the way she says it, is so sweet and breathy. Oh well, you have her call you Master, it means I can have her call me Sir. Works for me.

“Have you been shaving everyday as your Master commanded before he was deployed?” I asked.

“Yes, Sir,” she said, still keeping her head down, chin tucked into her chest and face pointed toward her thighs.

I knelt beside her and slid the backs of my fingers over the outside of her calf, up to her knee and then back to her ankle. Her skin was super soft, smooth beneath my touch. “Good girl. And, have you been masturbating everyday without cumming, as he ordered?”

If I’m not mistaken she squirmed a little at my question. Not, I don’t’ think, in an attempt to a evade it or deceive me, but, I suspect, because it turned her on. Yes, judging by the way her tongue darted out, soft and pink, to wet her lips, I’d say she was turned on by the situation, and by the fact I knew about it.

You are a cruel a bastard for that, by the way. To have her masturbate each day but only let her cum on the few times you manage to call and give her permission. Heh. Yeah, you’re a bastard. In the best o possible way. I think she agrees too, judging by the way she shifted her thighs, squeezing them together.

“Yes Sir,” she said. “Everyday.”

“Mmm, good, good.” I paused and ran the back of my fingers up from her knee to her hip, slowly, then I let my hand drift back down the length of her thigh, spreading my fingers. I won’t lie, watching her sit there, feeling her beneath me and with the scent of her mingling with that of the baking she’d done before I arrived, Iwas not unaffected. I felt my cock twitch and pull tighter against my jeans.

“And,” I eventually said after sliding my hand midway up her thigh again, “Does your Master allow you to look up when a Dominant enters the room?”

“Sir?” she sounded afraid now.

“You heard me. When I came into the room you looked up at me, before you were given permission. Does your Master allow that?”

“No,” she said, so softly I could barely hear it. “No, Sir.”

“No, I didn’t think so. You’ll need to be punished for that. Turn around, ass up,” I ordered. I wish, incidentally, that I’d asked you what commands you used for those sorts of things. Since I hadn’t, however, I decided to just stick with the ones I usually use. Whether the command was unfamiliar to her or not, she knew what I meant. She slowly shifted, sitting up more before turning and getting into position on her hands and knees.

She looked hot.

The bottom of her lingerie had crept up the crack of her ass, making me envy it far more than is right. Her hair fell over her back and then spilled down to hang beneath her, forming a dark brown curtain of sorts. It didn’t do much to hide her face though it did obscure her breasts far more than I would have liked. Her tits, by the way? Phenomenal, and obviously all natural. You sure know how to pick them. I loved their weight in my hands, their softness — but I get ahead of myself. At this point the part of her gorgeous body that was emphasized the most was her ass. Her round, heart-shaped ass. You know I don’t go for big booty type girls and I was so glad your slave didn’t fall into that category. no. Her ass was tight, and tan and just begging to be spanked.

“Do you like spankings?” I asked, though I already knew the answer from the information you’d given me.

“No, Sir,” she said, and I couldn’t read the emotion in her voice. Was she contrite? Frightened? Aroused? I honestly couldn’t tell, even now I couldn’t tell you. Either way, she had her safe word and unless she used it I intended to use her. To use her like you would if you were able to be here in my stead.

“Good. Then it will be an appropriate punishment, don’t you think?”

“Yes, Sir.”

“Yes, Sir,” I repeated, and then I stood.

I towered over her, and she looked just as good from several feet higher than she had at eye level. I straddled her, facing her ass. My jeans rubbed against her waist, probably uncomfortably, but she didn’t shift to try and get away. She just stayed as she’d been told. On her hands and knees, like a dog. “Count.”

I leaned over and smacked her ass with the flat of my hand. Hard. The sound cut through the air and echoed inside my ears as the sting erupted in my hand. I can only imagine how much it must have stung her bottom.

“One,” she said, and the pain was evident in her voice.

I smacked her again, loving the way her ass felt beneath my hand and especially the way it jiggled, beneath the power of my blow. She has just enough padding there to make spanking her truly satisfying and not an ounce more.

“Two,” she said, and I was pretty sure I could hear tears in her voice.

When she said three and four I was certain she was crying, and I won’t lie, it made my cock harder. I got harder and harder as I continued to spank her, but I had a little sympathy, I eased up a little bit on the pressure. Her ass had to be burning already, so I didn’t need to use as much force to get the desired result.

“Ten,” she gasped, and I decided that was good enough. For now. I totally had plans to put her back in this position before the afternoon was over though. Totally.

“Good girl,” I said, sliding the backs of my fingernails over her inflamed skin. I could see how red her ass was even in the multi-colored Christmas lights and could feel the heat radiating off it. “Next time a Dominant enters the room will you look up without permission?”

“No, Sir,” she said, with the most delicious catch in her voice.

“Good,” I said, unzipping my jeans. My cock was hard and throbbing. I wasn’t near ready to fuck her, not yet, but I wanted to feel her around me in some way. Her mouth seemed just as good an option as any. “On your knees,” I commanded.

She moved slowly, I think because of the stinging in her ass, but she didn’t hesitate. When she was on her knees in front of her me, her mouth was as at exactly the right height. I didn’t need to bend over in the least, nor would she have to strain her neck. Like it was meant to be. Heh.

“Open,” I said, and she did. Her lips separated with a soft plopping sound, and her tongue, wet and pink, extended every so slightly past their edge. I’m sure you taught her that. Good one.

I let her sit like that a while, waiting, anticipating, while I stroked my dick and looked at her. Then, when I was good and ready, I rested the tip of my cock on her tongue. It was warm, wet and giving, and her breath moved against my skin sending shivers over me and making the hairs on my arm and chest a stand at attention. I left it still, watching the way her tongue bobbed as she swallowed with her mouth wide open, enjoying the way her face, blindfolded, was turned up and looking at me. Looking but not seeing.

“Suck it,” I whispered, and she closed her lips around me and leaned forward to take my length, all of my length in her mouth. I’m sure I don’t need to tell you, it was like being enveloped in pure bliss. Yes. I said bliss. Shoot me. It’s an accurate description. Your girl, she knows exactly how to suck a cock.

She moved steadily back and forth, back and forth. Taking all of my cock in her mouth, then sliding back so that only the very tip remained in its warm cave. Her tongue pressed flat against my throbbing head, then tickled, oh so gently, the sensitive underside of my dick.

I was amazed by how well she measured the pressure with which she sucked and the way she knew when to swirl her tongue around my shaft or when to use just the tip. She gagged a little when I began to thrust into her, but even that was music to my ears. The best part was that it didn’t give her pause, on the contrary, she seemed fuelled by it. Awesome.

Still, like I say, I wasn’t ready to be done with her just yet, so when I could feel the cum boiling in my nuts, I untangled my hands from her hair and took a step back to regain myself. “Good job,” I said. “Now, I think, a reward. Lean over. face down. Ass up.”

She moved as commanded, under the Christmas tree, leaning so that her upper body was flat against the floor with her legs folded beneath her and her ass up in the air. What a beautiful sight. I fully intend to have my submissive take that exact position under our Christmas tree as soon as I’ve posted this letter to you. It’s fabulous.

The lights shone on her skin, spotting her with warm light and different colors. There was a thin sheen of sweat covering her, and I’d knocked her Santa hat off while she sucked my dick and her hair was all mussed in a cloud around her face. Her face, was turned to me and her lipstick had been smeared by my attentions. Beautiful.

“Put your hands back,” I said, stepping out of my jeans and moving to stand behind her where I could admire the view of her back end up in the air. The crotch her of her lingerie was pulled tight against her pussy. I could see every fold beneath it, and even, I imagined, a dark spot that might be the effect of it dripping with arousal. “Put your hands back and spread yourself wide open for me.”

She did and my cock jumped wildly at the sight of her perfectly manicured fingers sliding over the curve of her ass and then pulling it tight, spreading herself wide for me. Offering herself to me. All without argument or hesitation. Just like a good slave girl.

Still, her lingerie was there, obscuring the view. I thought about going into the kitchen to get a knife and rid myself of that problem in a most dramatic way, but that would mean leaving her and I wasn’t interested in doing that. Not yet. Not now, when I could hear her breath shifting with anticipation. Could see the crotch of her lingerie breathing as she flexed her pussy muscles beneath.

Then I saw it, a box tucked off the side and filled with Christmas decorations that hadn’t been put up yet. Sticking out of the top were the handles of a pair of scissors. Not quite as dramatic as a knife, but they would work.

It took me one set step to reach the box and a second to grab the scissors and return to my spot at her back end. I nudged her feet apart with my own, and then stepped between them. I traced the line of her panties with my fingers, slowly, teasingly. Enjoying the warmth of her skin, the softness of it. She’d obviously been very good at about shaving in your absence, not just her legs. Everywhere.

She sighed at my touch and I stroked the entire crotch of her panties with all my fingers. Slowly, softly, like a feather. I teased her. I paused at her clit and let my fingernails, just their tips, move in a tight circle over it. My nails caught on the fabric of her lingerie, caught and pulled, and she sighed louder.

“Do you like that?” I asked, and the way she breathed yes sir made me tempted to cut those panties away right then and there and bury my dick to the balls in her pussy. I didn’t, of course, but I was tempted. Oh Lord, was I ever. I’m sure you know what I’m talkin’ about. Heh.

“How about this?” I asked, continuing to pet her pussy through her panties, but harder. Still slow, still gentle, but harder.

“Yes, Sir.”

“Hmm, and what about this?” I moved the flat of the scissors over her panties, keeping the sharp end away from her skin but letting her know I had them, and was willing to put them against her skin.

She gasped and hesitated but then, eventually, tentatively, answered “Yes, Sir.”

“Yes?” I cooed, stroking my cock slowly with one hand while I used the other to tease her pussy through her panties with the scissors and the back of my fingers. First one, then the other.

“Yes,” she gasped and I noticed she pulled the cheeks of her ass further apart and pressed herself, ever so slightly, harder against my fingers. I was tempted to punish her for her boldness, but I couldn’t quite bring myself to because it was so yummy, and her transgression minute. Instead I opened the scissors and slid them between her skin and the fabric that hugged it. She stiffened a little, but didn’t say her safe word or pull away.

Slowly, millimetre by millimetre, I closed the scissors again. I let her body and the fit of the lingerie pull it tight, and just cut. Tiny bit by tiny bit. I imagined I could hear, could feel, the individual threads pulling away from one another as I opened my Christmas present there, beneath your tree.

When finally I reached the halfway mark the panties took on a life of their own and began to rip beneath the strain until, I was able to pull the scissors away and watch them unravel by themselves, revealing your slave girls’ sweet pussy to my hungry eyes.

Then I left her. It was hard as fuck to do, but I did it. I stepped away from that glorious sight and went to the kitchen to get the dildo out of the freezer.

I had to force myself not to rush, because I knew she would hear me hurrying and know how much she was effecting me. I suppose that really wouldn’t have been a bad thing necessarily, but I didn’t want her to know. I didn’t want her to know that if I hadn’t left just then I would have lost control. Lost it completely and just buried myself in her and ridden her fast and hard. There’s nothing wrong with that, mind you, but this was meant to be your Christmas gift to her and I felt that, as the person delivering the gift, I owed it to both of you to remain in control.

So I went to the freezer and pulled out the dildo. It was chilled, but wouldn’t be so cold as to be painful for her. Quite the contrary. I promise you, she loved it — but I get ahead of myself.

When I returned to the Christmas tree she was as I’d left her, laying with her face down and ass up. Her fingers were spreading herself wide open and her panties lay in tatters beneath her. I took my place behind her once more and knelt down. I stroked her labia with my finger, enjoying how soft her skin is there compared to my calluses. I heard her breath catch, and when she exhaled it was like a sigh.

“You’re gorgeous,” I said, and then I slipped one finger deep into her depths. It went in without resistance. She was dripping with want, and sighed again as I penetrated her. When I pulled my finger out it was wet and sticky with her. I breathed in her scent loudly, making sure she could hear me do it, and then licked the taste of her off my hand. Delicious. Sweet and pungent in just the right proportions.

“Tell me,” I said, sliding my slick finger down and over the head of her clit. “Who does this belong to?”

“My Master,” she gasped.

“Yes. And who has he given it to for the day?”

“You, Sir.” I slipped two fingers inside her and spread them open like scissors so that she groaned the last word.

“Yes. Me.” I stroked her then, using my thumb against her clit while my fingers remained buried inside her. I could feel the dildo warming in my hand though, so I knew if I were going to use it, I had to do it soon.

I pressed the head against her opening, and she gasped. I left it there, just resting against her with just enough pressure to hold it there but not enter her. Her breathing came faster and shallower as she waited, spreading herself open so that I could see every fold of her pussy and the glass dildo reflecting the Christmas lights held within them.

“Do you want that?”

“Yes, Sir,” she breathed.

“Then take it,” I said. “Take it all.”

She rocked back pressing herself against the cold glass. The bulbous head of the dildo slipped into her pussy with a soft noise that was quickly lost in her moan as she adjusted to having it inside her. She didn’t stop though, and I moved my free hand to stroke my dick as I watched her, slowly and steadily, swallow up the dildo with her pussy all the way to where my fingers held the very base.

Soon she had the whole toy inside her. The look on her face was one of pure bliss. Her lips were parted, and there were stray hairs stuck to the lipstick smeared across her face which moved with every one of her gasping breaths. Her blindfold had shifted but not come off and her fingers holding herself open were stiff with tension and need. Each breath she took was shallow, ragged and sharp. I watched her whole body move with them, her shoulders shaking and her lips trembling.

“Fuck it,” I said, my own desire as evident in my voice as hers was in her posture. “Fuck it, but don’t come.”

She didn’t need any encouragement. She rocked back and forth on that thing like a wild woman. She teased herself with that toy the same way she’d teased my cock by letting it vanish fully within her mouth and then pulling away so that only the very tip remained inside her. She rode it back and forth, faster and faster. Each time she let the head escape her pussy it made a wet sucking sound, but then she’d press back once more taking it deep inside her.

I matched my strokes on my cock to hers on the toy. Not because I was letting her control the situation, but because I wanted to be sure I was in sync with her level of arousal. To be sure I was gauging it correctly. My belly felt like a nest of vipers, it was so full and twisted with desire. I could feel the cum in my balls, aching, desperate to escape, and knew she was in a similar state of need.

The muscles on her back had begun to twitch, and her legs to shake. Still she rode the glass dildo, faster and faster. It was wet with her desire and though the Christmas lights from your tree still shone in it, they were blurred together and indistinct now. Softer. Just the opposite of my dick which felt like it was going to burst if I didn’t come soon.

Harder and harder she pressed against the toy, and I shifted my grip on it so that when she pressed back, filling herself with its length I could stroke her clit with my knuckle. She groaned aloud and bit her lower lip, pressing the lipstick there against her front tooth, and then groaning again. My knuckle was definitely having the desired effect, her legs began to shake more violently, and soon she groaned a third time. “May I cum, Sir?”

Her voice, the catch of desire in it, the way she said sir, it almost made me crumble. Almost. Not quite.

“No,” I said, slowing the strokes on my cock to keep from cumming all over her sweet little ass.

“Please,” she begged. “Please.”

“No,” I said once more. “Not yet.”

“Unghf,” she said, or something like that. It was more an animal sound than a human one. Something primitive and deep. Guttural. At the same time she slowed the frenzied pace she’d been fucking the dildo and I knew it was to control her body, to keep herself from cumming.

At that point I pulled the dildo from her. She made a noise, part disappointment, part pleasure, I think, as it left her pussy with a vacuum like suction and a wet slurping sound. She didn’t have long to feel empty though, because as soon as I’d tossed it on the ground beneath the tree, I was filling her pussy with my cock.

I buried myself in her with one stroke, and couldn’t hold back the moan of pleasure that came, unbidden, to my lips. She was so hot, so wet, and so ready. The walls of her pussy were already beginning to spasm, I could feel them against my dick, grabbing and holding it as I filled her, stretching her wider even than the dildo had. Replacing its cold with my heat.

“God, Sir…”

“No.” I said sternly before she’d even finished her question, if she was even capable of it at that point.

I reached forward, grabbing a handful of her hair and tangling it around my fist. I pulled back, making her arch her back to bring her head up. It pushed her belly down and her ass up even higher, pressing her harder against my cock. I fucked her like that, with her body curled into a C, tugging on her hair like a horse’s mane and thrusting harder and harder into her.

Her thighs shook uncontrollably, and I could feel her feet making little kicking motions against my calves. “Please…Sir…God…Please.” She said over and over, her voice catching, deep and full of her need to cum. Finally, as I felt my own orgasm building to a huge crescendo, I consented.

“Cum for me,” I said.

She obeyed immediately. I felt her body tremble, tense and release beneath me, around me. Her pussy convulsed with such force that it literally milked the cum from my balls and I growled with the strength of the orgasm that rocked me. It sapped the strength from my thighs and, as her body continued to shake, though less violently, I reluctantly slipped out of her and sat back on my knees. I wasn’t sure I could kneel any longer. I sure as hell couldn’t stand.

“Merry Christmas,” I said.

Once I could stand, though on shaky legs for sure, I wrapped her in a blanket and held her until her trembling subsided. I left her blindfold on though, as you requested. I stayed with her until I was sure she was alright, and then, eventually I left.

If ever you want me to do you a favour like this again, you need only to ask, brother. I won’t lie, I was tempted to stay longer and see what kind of bondage I could whip up with the garland from your tree. Maybe next year, eh? Heh.

Anyway, she’s had her present from you, and I feel like I have too. Come home safely and I’ll return the favour by lending you my slave. Perhaps for Valentines Day?

Merry Christmas.


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