About Cori

About Me:
I write erotica. A lot of it. If you are a fan of erotica you’ve probably read some of my stuff that was written under different names as I used to ghost write for other people and websites. I’ve provided sexy story content to some of the biggest names in the adult business over the years but have recently decided to try something new. So I’m starting over. Completely fresh. No links to my old stuff, no references to my other names. Just me.

About this Website:
I don’t believe that all erotica ¬†websites (and BDSM-themed ones in particular) need to be dark and scary looking. I’m super tired of seeing the same old black background, red text and yellow links everywhere I look, and I bet you are too. That’s why I’ve made CoriVidae.com light and easy to read and, I like to think, with a little bit of class.

I publish traditionally on occasion but mostly I self-publish my work, including things I write “Under glass” writing based on your prompts. Some stories I give away, some I sell, but no matter what I always aim to provide a high quality story experience. My bibliography, which I will try to keep updated, is here –> Bibliography.

Leave any questions you may have as a comment on this page I will be more than happy to answer them.


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