2017 – Paranormal Circus

The following are the details about my Erotica Under Glass session with the theme of ‘Paranormal Circus’. Unlike with ‘She’s on the Bottom‘ I wanted all the stories to be interconnected so began writing before opening up to prompts in order to make sure the world and core characters were firmly established in my brain before accepting prompts and suggestions.

Date began: August 31, 2017

Stopped accepting prompts:

Date completed: TBD

Prompts accepted:

  • Female escape artist, male magician who is really into bondage; no wand, but a scarlet flogger.

Hours Written:

  • Pre-September – 10?

How to offer prompts:

(Much of this is copy/pasted from the ‘About Erotica Under Glass’ page. To read the entire page head here –> http://www.corividae.com/shiny/erotica/under-glass/)

[Prompts] can take the form of an image prompt (bonus points if it’s from fotolia so I can potentially use it for the story’s cover when it’s completed) or text prompts (this is where your [super specific] story prompt would be appropriate).

I will consider all ideas sent my way and try to implement as many of them as possible. You do not need to donate or spend money to send me prompts.

However, any suggestions which are sent to me and accompanied by proof of a charitable donation (I suggest Save the Chimps or Fauna Foundation) will be bumped to the top of my prompt list and I will consider it non-optional for me to write something based on them.

A quick word about prompts: I won’t write anything without clear consent. Also on my Big List of Nope is pseudo-incest, watersports, eroticide or scatplay. That list is not exhaustive so if you’re not sure, ask me before you make a prompt-related donation.

It’s also important to note that at least one of the core stories in this series is set in 1932 North America so that is the sort of time period you’re looking at for prompts.

Prompts can be sent to me via email corividae at gmail.com, Twitter, Facebook or as a comment on this page. Whatever works best for you.

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