2015 – She’s on the Bottom

The following are the details about my Erotica Under Glass session with the fan-suggested theme of “She’s on the Bottom”

Date began: September 1, 2015

Stopped accepting prompts: October 1, 2015

Date completed: TBD

Prompts accepted:

  • Fairies and ponyplay
  • Pegging (small woman, larger man)

Hours written:

  • September – 16
  • October – 5
  • November – 20

Resulting Stories:

The Switch
(8,000 words approx.)

The Switch is about envy, light kink and finding yourself sexually. It’s also about letting your husband sleep with your twin 😉 Excerpt here.

Prompt & Prompter: This story was original entitled ‘Twin Magic’ and was begun as part of my panties-themed Under Glass event last year. It later went by the title ‘The Coolest Wife Ever’ before I settled on its final title with the help of my readers. It had no prompt beyond that.

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( Undetermined)

Maggie the clown has a summer fling with a Texas strong man named Ben when they are both working for the same traveling carnival. After some time, life and death intervene and they are separated for a time before getting a second chance. They have only a week to figure out if they have a future together, or if their time together was just a passing thing.

Prompt & Prompter: Story based on this picture prompt from Alexa Piper

Strong dude with chain

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Excerpt here.

This story has evolved into something very different from how it began and has been moved to the ‘Paranormal Circus’ erotica under glass theme.

Running on Empty
 (9,650 words)

Five years ago as they were breaking up Olivia screamed, “Not even if you were the last men in the world!” at Jacob. Now, in a post-plague world, he and his partner Liam might very well be the last men in the world who can help her. Mf / Mm. Excerpt here.

Prompt & Prompter: No prompt.

Running on Empty 200x300

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This story is meant to be free. It may take some time for Amazon to change the price to reflect that, though, so if the Amazon link wants you to pay for the book I suggest trying one of the other distributors.

Moonlight and Magic
(6,700 words)

Apple Blossom the fairy is bored, but when a human wanders into her woods she finds just the thing to entertain herself for an evening.

Prompts & Prompters: This story comes from two prompts. The first was ‘Pony play and fairies’ and the second was ‘Pegging, with a preference that the woman be smaller than the man’. The prompts came from TJ and Cary.

Moonlight and Magic

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Of Water
( 2,278 words)

Mara has hit rock bottom. She’s alone, lonely and isn’t sure life is worth living until one magical encounter helps her realise she’s not done with her life yet. Excerpt here.

Prompt & Prompter: Provided this picture prompt by Anna Kyle


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