Setting Goals for 2020

I set goals for myself at the beginning of each year and then assess how well I did at reaching them at the end of that year.

2020 was pretty tough in regard to time management. I wondered, more than once, if I should hang up my hat and focus exclusively on the work I do as Other Me because I just didn’t have the time to dedicate to this and Other Me’s stuff.

I mean, you’d think it would be obvious that it’s impossible to do all the things as two different people, but I really did try LOL

Looking back at the goals I didn’t accomplish last year they were all my writing goals. I did what I aimed to do in regard to publishing other people, it was my writing which I failed to prioritize. I don’t regret the choices I’ve made in that regard at all, but what it taught me is that if I want to continue writing romance and erotica (and despite giving some thought to quitting, I don’t want to quit) I need to not just prioritize it, but do fewer other things.

That is one reason I’ve decided not to publish any new works by other people via Pen and Kink this year. By not putting out new titles it will allow us a chance to really focus on promoting the work we’ve already put out there, and also (hopefully) open up some space in my calendar to work on my own stuff more.

2020 Goals

  • Finish the first draft of Prairie Magic #3
    • I started this as a NaNoWriMo novel in 2018 and discovered partway through that it was brutally flawed. I think I may know how to fix it, but it will require stripping most of it away and, essentially, starting over. It will be worth it, though. This is a story I really want to tell.
    • Total bonus points to myself if I manage to complete the first revision of this story as well.
  • Compile and publish a collection of the ‘She’s on the Bottom’ stories
    • I forgot to do this last year >_<
  • Spend 15-20% of my work week on marketing and publicity
    • I’m reasonably good at selling books with my name on the cover. Selling books with other people’s names on the spine is a different skill, though, and one I’d like to dedicate some time to learning. I won’t be spending all of my marketing and publicity time on other people’s books, but on P&K books in general (which include mine).

Three goals. I think it’s a good number.

Note to self: Cori, if that seems like your setting the bar low, remember that you are two people sharing one body and there are only twenty-four hours in the day.


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