It goes without saying, I would guess, that this website is not safe for work and should only be viewed by adults.

I’ve put a lot of effort into making sure that there are no explicit images on the front page of this blog unless they are beneath a cut, but as soon as you follow any links from here you are nearly guaranteed to find sexually explicit content.

What’s more, even on this page there are likely to be images (non-explicit but inappropriate for work), naughty text and sex stories. That is, after all, what you came here for, right? 🙂


(This was originally posted on Dec. 19, 2012 but I regularly edit the published on date to keep it stuck to the top of the page)

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Enchanted and The Prestige

A couple years ago I was watching The Prestige:

As you’ll notice if you watch that trailer one of the ideas behind the movie is that every magic trick has three parts:

  • The Pledge — “The magician shows you something ordinary. But, of course, it probably isn’t.”
  • The Turn — “The magician makes this ordinary something do something extraordinary.”
  • The Prestige — “This is the part with the twists and turns. Where lives hang in the balance and you see something shocking that you’ve never seen before.”

Not only did I really enjoy the movie, I loved this idea of the Pledge, the Turn and the Prestige. So much so that I really wanted to write a trilogy of books with those titles. Unfortunately there were two really big problems with that.

First, I Googled and asked around (I’m lucky enough to be acquainted with a talented amateur magician) and as it turns out the movie made those terms up. That meant I wouldn’t feel comfortable using them as titles in the same way I would if they were actual magician-y vernacular.

Second, turns out there are only twenty-four hours in a day so I really didn’t have time to write anything ‘magical’.

Luckily for me I have skills other than writing and I know a lot of talented writers.

So I approached some of them and asked each of them to write me three inter-connected romance novellas. The only rules were:

  1. They had to be connected to one another
  2. They had to be novella-length
  3. They had to be romance
  4. They had to involve magic in some way

In the end three awesome paranormal writers joined in — Sara Dobie Bauer, Em Shotwell and Wendy Sparrow.

It’s been a bit of a rollercoaster ride to get to this point but I can’t imagine better people to have taken this journey with and I’m super excited about our final product — the Enchanted series. Three books — Magic Spark, Magic Ember and Magic Flame.

But, funny thing…

You know that story about how the director of “Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban” asked Emma Watson, Daniel Radcliffe and Rupert Grint to write an essay about their characters and the results showed amusing parallels between the actors and their characters?

Well, about that…

I’m not in any way suggesting parallels between the authors and their characters… but I do think that their approaches to this collection are funny and indicative of something 🙂

Wendy Sparrow sent me three paranormal romance stories that followed all the rules to the letter. They were connected (each includes a different pair of demigods who need to hook up in order to not die, and characters from one story frequently make appearances in the other stories). They were novella-length (in fact, I think they were each exactly the same number of chapters O_o). They were very obviously romance, and they all involved magic in the form of demigod characters with innate magical powers.

Sara Dobie Bauer bent the rule about sending me three novella-length stories by sending me three novella-length portions of a larger serialized story. But each novella-length portion had an arc and the overall story was amazeballs so how could I say no? Besides, she nailed the other rules — being three separate parts of one whole the stories couldn’t possibly be any more connected, the story was 100% a romance and there was loads of magic. We’re talking about magical destiny, artifacts, a war (complete with a spell battle in the streets!). I mean… So, yeah, I was totally good with bending that rule 😉

Em Shotwell… oh, Em. Em nailed three of the rules. Her stories were all connected — each one focused on a different one of the three Murphey sisters. They were all novella-length, and they all involved magic (in this case the sisters were cursed witches whose spell-casting skills aren’t awesome). But throughout the editing process Em and I had a couple conversations which began, “Um… you know this is a romance, right?” Some of her characters are downright unlikable, some of their choices made me grit my teeth and I may have even sent her an email or two that said, “Dude, you can’t do that in a romance.”

But actually she did. And it worked. So what do I know?



Get the series now!

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Magic Flame Cover Reveal

Magic Flame is the final volume in the Enchanted series authored by Sara Dobie Bauer, Em Shotwell and Wendy Sparrow and edited by yours truly. Its cover, like all the covers in this series was designed by the amazing Amanda C. Davis.

I hope you like it as much as I do 🙂

In this volume Wendy Sparrow’s story pairs the demigods of love and war together in “All’s Fair in Love, War and Demigods”, Em Shotwell shares a story about Bradley Murphey, and ties up some loose ends from her sister’s stories in “These Resting Bones” and Sara Dobie Bauer brings you the thrilling conclusion to “Destiny’s Dark Light”.

It’s a fantastic collection that I’m super proud of, and you can reserve your copy right now if you want to 🙂

Amazon (US) (CA) (UK)

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As I hinted at last week, I have acquired and will be editing a series of steamy novellas for Pen and Kink Publishing!

Written by Mara Malins, this series is called INKomplete. And you’re going to love it.

Welcome to INKomplete, a studio renowned for its tattoos, talent, and totally tempting tattoo artists. Every design tells a story, every artist has a tale. One studio, four tattooists, and a whole load of heat. Enjoy these hot and steamy reads that explore the sometimes sweet but always erotic relationships between ink and kink.

Book 1 — INKarnate: When Emily begins an apprenticeship at the renowned tattoo studio Inkomplete, she didn’t realise she was stepping into a world very different from her middle-class upbringing. But not everybody is happy about her dipping her toe into new waters. Famous tattoo artist, Matt Jones, knows she doesn’t belong.

Book 2 — INKapable: After her husband walked out on her, leaving her to provide for their daughter alone, Joe has no intention of relying on a man for anything ever again. As a successful tattoo artist, she can take care of what’s hers. The only thing she needs is a little fun every now and again. And if a gorgeous man offers her exactly what she needs, if they both know what they’re getting into, it can’t get messy, can it?

Book 3 — INKurable: Phee has breast cancer. As heart-breaking as it is, she’s determined to be strong so her friends don’t worry. They’re a family, so if she hurts, they hurt, and she can’t allow that. But when lines start to blur between her and her handsome surgeon, trying to hold everything together suddenly feels like the real fight.

Book 4 — INKonsolable: It’s been five years since Blakey’s beautiful wife Elizabeth died and his grief is just as sharp today as it was back then. But now he’s desperately lonely too. As he becomes closer to his friend Aisleyne, Blakey fights it with everything he has. How could he even think about moving on? No, friendship is all he has to offer. That will have to be enough.

Does book one sound a bit familiar? If you read kINKED it should! INKarnate was originally published in kINKED but now will be re-released as a stand alone title along with the next three books in the series. They’ll all be coming out, one after the other, this autumn, and I’m already excited!

It’s gonna be a hell of a year, folks!


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Blogging More…

It’s a problem.

You see, I have resolved to blog more regularly here and have put ‘Cori Blog’ on my to-do list for every Thursday because yup, Thursday is gonna be the day, alright.

And then Thursday comes and I haven’t a clue what to blog about. So today I’m going with ‘rambly update post about all the things’.

There’s a lot going on, but a great deal of it is [Top Sekkrit] still, which makes it difficult to talk about. I mean, I could just tease you with stuff… (there’s an obvious joke there, I’m not going to make it) but that just seems kind of cruel.

Okay, lemme try anyway… in the next few weeks I’ll be making the following blog post/announcements:

  • The fourth installment of the Triskaidekaphilia series has a kick-ass theme, an awesome editor, a title and a call for submissions. All those details will be announced in February.
  • I’ve acquired and will be editing a series of four novellas for Pen and Kink Publishing. The details of that will be announced next week.
  • The cover reveal for Magic Flame (book three of the Enchanted series) will be in February
  • Magic Ember (book two of the Enchanted series) will be coming out in February.

So, as you can see, I’ve got content lined up for the next four weeks but not a lot for today LOL

I can tell you that Magic Spark set the world on fire when it came out this month, and people have been saying nice things about it:

So that’s nice!

I haven’t had any chance to write this past week though, and that’s less nice.

But, I’ve also started a new thing on my Facebook Page where we check-in with each other to share what we’re reading, and people have been responding, and that is really nice.


I wonder if I could possibly find another way to use the word ‘nice’ in this blog post. Or maybe I should just stop rambling and call this post done.



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Rough Edges on Sale

Like a lot of people in this industry I have a love/hate relationship with reviews… but Rough Edges is in a bit of a spot in regard to reviews on Kobo. Their system only allows for people with a verified purchase to leave a review, and those reviews only take the form of a star rating — no explanation or description. Which is fine. It’s super convenient for reviewers, for one thing, because they don’t need to articulate why they do or don’t like a book, they just need to click on the star.

The problem for Rough Edges, though, is that its only got one review over there… and apparently it wasn’t a good fit for that reader because they gave it two stars. Which again, is fine. It really truly is. Except for one thing… that’s the only review there so the book currently has a two star rating.

I honestly think I could accept a two star rating if it came as a result of averaging together a bunch of ratings — I’d be sad, obviously, but I’d accept it — but having it as a result of a single rating is pretty frustrating.

I know not every book is for every reader — especially when it comes to erotica — so I’m sad the single review is from someone for whom this wasn’t a good fit.

Soo… if you haven’t read Rough Edges yet but you’ve been meaning to, maybe this week is the time for you to take that step? And maybe use Kobo to purchase your copy — the book is on sale for $0.99 there in US and Canada as part of their ‘Fall in love with a new series’ promotion. And maybe? If you do pick up a copy from Kobo, could you leave an honest review for it once you’re done reading?

That would be awesome.


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