It goes without saying, I would guess, that this website is not safe for work and should only be viewed by adults.

I’ve put a lot of effort into making sure that there are no explicit images on the front page of this blog unless they are beneath a cut, but as soon as you follow any links from here you are nearly guaranteed to find sexually explicit content.

What’s more, even on this page there are likely to be images (non-explicit but inappropriate for work), naughty text and sex stories. That is, after all, what you came here for, right? 🙂


(This was originally posted on Dec. 19, 2012 but I regularly edit the published on date to keep it stuck to the top of the page)

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Cover Reveal: Magic Ember

The series which began with Magic Spark continues with Magic Ember. Check out this cover!

The second of a trio of trilogies by three amazing romance writers. These stories all have two things in common: magic and romance!

“How to Capture Your Match” by Wendy Sparrow:
Being the demigod of pain and a bounty hunter in Vegas have made Corbin Slone very aware of one truth: they always ran. When his match, the demigoddess of healing, kissed and ran, they had a problem. Without some very close time together, they’d both die. In that respect, he had no choice but to abduct Tam for a courtship. Tam might be into Corbin, but demigods? The guy was hot, but Corbin was no mythical god, even if he kissed like one. Love might heal the pain of a demigod’s lonely existence, but was it worth the gamble?

“Destiny’s Dark Light — Part Two” by Sara Dobie Bauer:
The love story of Cyan and Liam continues. Due to the violent arrival of a dark witch in Charleston, Cyan’s powers awaken. She is the foretold white witch, fated to save the world, but her skills must be honed with the help of her powerful family. Liam fears the loss of his beloved Zoe while feeling strangely connected to Cyan. His entire life is turned upside-down when wicked witches involve him in the forthcoming War. The search for a dark witch intensifies, as do questions surrounding Liam’s past.

“This Hollow Heart” by Em Shotwell:
New Orleans witch-turned-tattoo artist, Marchland Murphey’s bad luck with men has led her to swear off love for good. When mysterious client, Chase Kimberley insists she go out with him, she says no, but soon finds herself tumbling into his bed. At first things are great, and Marchland thinks Chase could be the one to turn her bad luck around.

Until Chase’s pregnant wife shows up demanding an explanation. The women compare notes, and with the help of Marchland’s magic conspire to teach Chase a lesson he won’t soon forget.

But Magic has a mind of its own, and while Marchland struggles to deal with the consequences of a spell-gone-bad, she could miss out on the possibility of a good thing with favorite client, sweet single-dad, Samuel White.

Reserve your copy now!

Amazon (US) (CA) (UK)

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Win Amazon Gift Cards

The event is live! Now is your chance to win one of 118 Amazon gift cards as part of Night Owl Romance’s Winter Wonderland Scavenger Hunt!


Grand Prize Winner!
Grand Prize: $100 Amazon eGift Card

Click here to start earning entries!


And if you win a gift card, or even if you don’t, may I suggest that you consider picking up a copy of my favourite steamy holiday read, The Naughty List.

You know, not that I’m biased or anything.

…okay, I might be a little biased 😉

Excerpt from Wendy Sparrow’s contribution to The Naughty List, “Stealing Time”:

His tongue stroked hers in a caress so sinful she moaned into his mouth. He pulled at her lower lip with his, sucking and tasting. This wasn’t like any kissing she’d done before. Every touch of his tongue was a taste.

“Mmm,” he hummed the word against her mouth.

She dug her fingers into his hair so she could keep him close and taste him back.

One of his hands dropped to her lower back, pressing her against him. It wasn’t enough. None of it was enough. She tipped onto her toes to deepen their kissing. If he stopped, she’d die—she was sure of it.

She forgot everything—where they were, who they were, and even why it might not be a good idea. All she knew was the caress of tongue against tongue, the friction of lips, and the heat of his breath against her wet lips.

And then there was giggling behind Zeit, and she pulled back enough to see one of the little kids, who’d been fascinated with her hot bodyguard, staring at them with a wide grin.

“Blond hair? Little male mortal?” Zeit asked, staring at her mouth.

“I would have called him a boy, but yes . . . ”

“During the caroling, I told him I’d help him get a candy cane off the tree. Apparently the higher ones taste better.”

She tilted her head and fought a smile.

He flicked a glance at the mistletoe as he loosened his arms. “We’re not done, though.”

“We are for in public.” She felt indecent already. And she wanted to feel more indecent. That wasn’t good—especially since it felt so good.

He hopped onto the step she was on, reached up, grabbed the mistletoe and pocketed it.

Over the crowd, she saw Mrs. Cowper grinning wide enough to make her face break as she watched them. Great. Their first kiss had spectators, and she was fairly certain she’d attacked him. It was the touch of his lips against her hand—who knew that was such an erogenous zone? Evidently all those nerve endings lit on fire when they came in contact with Zeit’s mouth.

Why wait? Get your copy of The Naughty List now! 🙂

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For this week only you can pick up a copy of kINKED for less than a buck. Just in case you are unfamiliar with the anthology, here is its official description:

Every tattoo tells a story… A submissive pain slut receives a tattoo as a reward for years of selfless service. A man’s body is used to deliver a very different kind of message to a domineering masochist. An exotic teahouse on an alien planet where one woman explores her submissiveness with a set of shapeshifting twins. These and other sizzling stories take you to the places where kink meets ink and leave you indelibly marked.

I love this anthology and if you like kinky stories or tales about tattoos I think you’ll like it too 🙂

Click here to get your copy now!

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Winter Wonderland Reader Scavenger Hunt

This year I’m participating in the Winter Wonderland Scavenger Hunt, because how could I not? It seemed like a great way to get The Naughty List in front of readers who might enjoy it, and at the same time give my regular readers a chance to win some awesome prizes. Check out this prize list!


Grand Prize Winner!
Grand Prize: $100 Amazon eGift Card

$25 Amazon eGift Cards (2 Winners)
$10 Amazon eGift Cards (20 Winners)
$5 Amazon eGift Cards (95 Winners)

The event actually begins November 20th, and I will make another blog post on that day to be sure no one misses out, but I’m pretty excited so I thought I’d give you all a head’s up too 🙂

And while we’re here, why not share an excerpt from The Naughty List? 😉

Excerpt from Tiffany Reisz’s story in The Naughty List, “A Christmas Maggie”:

“Perhaps if you bribed me with a beating . . . then I would wear flannel for you.”

“I like the sound of that.” Daniel cupped the back of her thighs and slipped his hands over her bare bottom and up her back. At moments like this he felt the age difference between them most keenly. She’d only turned twenty-three while he could reach out and touch forty with his eyes closed. His rough hands would never recover from his year of rappelling and mountain climbing in South America. The smoothness of Anya’s young skin served as a bitter reminder of how many years separated them. He didn’t like to think about what else should and could separate them.

“I only said ‘perhaps,’ Sir. No promises.”

Daniel dipped his head and kissed her. Anytime she called him “Sir” in that respectful tone he couldn’t resist a kiss. That word empowered him like nothing else. The second a “Sir” escaped her lips, he had to drag her to the bed, the floor, the sofa . . .

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Magic Spark Available for Pre-order

It feels like forever ago that I approached Wendy, Sara and Em and asked them if they’d be interested in writing three connected novellas — each of which about magic and romance. Magic Spark is the first of three planned collections containing those stories (the first of a trio of trilogies, if you will) and it’s currently available for pre-order!

“When Demigods Court Death” by Wendy Sparrow:
As the demigod of fertility, Aster Slone has a thriving doctor’s practice. In fact, the incidence of triplets has made it too thriving. He needs more time with his neighbor the demigoddess of death to dampen his powers. Chandra Linton being gorgeous and sweet makes his task less of a hardship. Hitting the zenith of heretofore-unknown powers without enough exposure to her match is killing Chandra. Accepting all that her crazy, but hot neighbor says is her destiny…well, it muddles her convictions, but her real concern is: does Aster want Chandra because she’s the woman he desires or because she’s Death?

“These Roots Run Deep” by Em Shotwell:
Spitfire, New Orleans weather girl, Cheyanne Murphey has everything, and that is exactly how she likes it. When she discovers evidence of her fiancé’s philandering, she refuses to let her perfectly cultivated image fall to pieces. Cheyanne has worked too hard, dragging herself up from the trailer park into New Orleans’ society, to give in without a fight…even if that means trading a year of her life in exchange for a love incantation from her ancestor’s spell book.
A skyclad, moonlit dance, a mysterious potion, and magic gone awry leave Cheyanne with a very peculiar life lesson: love can take on many forms, so be careful what you wish for.

“Destiny’s Dark Light — Part One” by Sara Dobie Bauer:
In modern day Charleston, lonely white witch Cyan Burroughs has waited her whole life to lead the battle against dark witches and eventually meet the man she is fated to love. A tragic trolley accident brings Liam Cody into her life. He is her destiny, but he’s also in love with someone else. Now, Cyan and her magic family must find the dark witch who caused the accident while Cyan fights her feelings for Liam—a charming Irishman with secrets of his own.


Reserve your copy now!

Amazon (US) (CA) (UK)

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