Free Sex Stories

My XXXmas Gift (Mf, light D/s)
A Pussy Licking Good Time (ff, vanilla)


Premium Sex Stories

 CoverChristmas_v3Merry XXXmas

Three sizzling hot Christmas sex stories guaranteed to heat up any winter evening.

Heat — Hot and Hardcore
Kink Level — Middle ground. Some minor dominance & submission and spanking in two of the three stories
Pairings — Mf, mf, Mf

DEMONS-IMPS-INCUBI-cover-artDemons, Imps and Incubi

Dark, powerful, and forbidden.

An anthology of stories including my contribution, Circles Within Circles. The details below are for my story alone as I haven’t read the entire anthology yet.

Heat — Hot and Hardcore
Kink Level — Vanilla
Pairings — mf

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