Pen and Kink’s Anniversary Sale!

To celebrate both Valentine’s Day and Pen and Kink Publishing’s first anniversary, we’re having a sale!

There are a half dozen titles at discounted prices over there (you can see the full list here) but the two I’m most excited about are the ones with my name on the cover — Of Water and Rough Edges!

For a limited time you can get Of Water for free and Rough Edges for less than a buck!

Regularly: $0.99

Available now for free!


Regularly $4.99

Available now for $0.99!

Amazon (US) (CA) (UK)





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Covalent Bonds

That right there? That’s my contributor copy of Covalent Bonds. Because I have a story in this anthology I got my cover before release but TODAY IS RELEASE DAY! That means that you can pick up your copy now too!

I haven’t had a chance to read this entire anthology yet, but people who have are enjoying it — you can see their reviews on Goodreads. So if you like geeks and romance, give it a peek!

Covalent bonds aren’t just about atoms sharing electron pairs anymore—it’s about the electricity that happens when you pair two geeks together. This anthology celebrates geeks of all kinds (enthusiasts, be it for comics, Dr. Who, movies, gaming, computers, or even grammar), and allows them to step out of their traditional supporting roles and into the shoes of the romantic lead. Forget the old stereotypes: geeks are sexy.

Featuring nine stories ranging from sweet to hot, by authors G.G. Andrew, Laura VanArendonk Baugh, Tellulah Darling, Mara Malins, Jeremiah Murphy, Marie Piper, Charlotte M. Ray, Wendy Sparrow, and Cori Vidae, Covalent Bonds is a chance for geeks get their noses out of the books, and instead to be the book.

Available on Amazon, Kobo, B&N, or directly from the publisher.


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Win a copy of kINKED

Would you like a chance to be one of the first people to read a copy of kINKED? Well, you’re in luck!

I’m giving away several electronic copies in exchange for an honest review on LibraryThing. Alas, I can’t give you a direct link to that giveaway page, but some scrolling here ought to let you find the listing for kINKED.

I’m also giving away a few paperback review ARCs through Goodreads (US and Canada only, sorry). This one does come with a direct link, and a widget too! Because I’m just that much of a keener (and Goodreads makes it easy LoL)

Goodreads Book Giveaway

Kinked by Cori Vidae


by Cori Vidae

Giveaway ends February 21, 2017.

See the giveaway details
at Goodreads.

Enter Giveaway

And, if you prefer not to leave things to chance, you can also pre-order a copy of the book and have it downloaded to your device the instant it is available:

Amazon (US) (CA) (UK)

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2017 Manuscript Wish List

World Weaver Press has an open submissions window coming up very soon — February 1st, in fact. Before the doors get flung wide open, I thought I’d take a few minutes to articulate what I’m looking for this year.

First, though, a wee bit about what the press is looking for in general. This is important:

At this time, World Weaver Press seeks standalone titles only, between 20,000 words and 100,000 words. Standalone means the story is complete in one volume. We are not acquiring new series (or books with “series potential”) at this time.

Standalone titles only. I’m emphasizing this because it could break my heart if I fall in love with a novel concept only to see the words ‘part of a series’ in the query letter and have to pass on it. You don’t want to break my heart, do you?

I’m always interested in romance with well-developed characters (with good chemistry!) and interesting plots and settings, but this year I’m particularly interested in titles that fall into one (or more!) of the following categories:

  • Time Travel Romance
  • Steampunk Romance
  • Non-wolf* shapeshifter Romance

And if you are writing things that don’t fall into those categories, don’t despair. I am only one of several editors at WWP and we’re all looking for different things. So even if your manuscript isn’t right for me, it might be for one of them!

The submission guidelines are right here. Be sure to read and follow them — but don’t submit until February!

*I love wolf shifters too, but I’m editing Anna Kyle’s Wolf King series already 🙂

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2017 Goals


It’s (past) time to set my goals for 2017 down on this page. I need to do this every year to keep myself focused… at least a little bit.

This year is going to be one of doing a lot of things behind the scenes. That stuff isn’t particularly sexy, but it does need to be done. For example:

  • Create an Author Guide for Pen and Kink
  • Formalize the Style Guide for Pen and Kink

There are some things that are more visible, however. These make for much more entertaining goals 🙂

On a demon-y level I want to:

  • Publish “Circles Within Circles”
  • Edit and publish “The Longest Night”

Under Glass for “She’s on the Bottom” I want to:

  • Edit and publish “The Coolest Wife Ever”
  • Publish a collection of all the “She’s on the Bottom” stories

Related to “Paranormal Circus” Under Glass I want to:

  • Finish writing and editing the untitled novelette/novella? about Ben and Maggie
  • Write at least one more story in this series.
    • Preferably two 😉
  • Write and share a holiday-themed story set in this series

I’ve also got some editing and publishing-related goals. First, for editing:

  • Release and promote kINKED — beating the sales I had for Rough Edges
  • Have a successful submission period for the anthology I’ll be co-editing with Laura Harvey (details to come)
  • Read submissions to the World Weaver Press open submission period with an eye toward picking up one paranormal romance to edit in 2017 for publication in 2018
  • Edit the Enchanted series (all three books)

And lastly, as a micro-publisher at Pen and Kink

  • Publish and promote kINKED
  • Publish and promote Legendary edited by Laura Harvey
  • Publish and promote Ravenous edited by Ariel Jade
  • Line up an editor for the third book in the series
  • Continue to promote our existing titles. In part through a big sale in February.
  • Prepare the Enchanted series for release in early 2018
  • Publish the Demon-y and Under Glass stories mentioned above
    • This is kind of a repeat from my goal above… but kind of not


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