356 Minutes and 20 Seconds

This is going to seem like a bit of a sales pitch, and I guess it sort of is, but it’s not completely selfish. Honestly.


Can you read that? If not you can click on it to make it bigger.

That’s a screenshot of my account page at AEBN. Do you see how much time I have banked? 356 Minutes and 20 Seconds.

Let me just say that one more time:

356 Minutes and 20 Seconds

I watch a fair bit of porn (I’m sure you’re shocked :-p ) almost exclusively on AEBN and I have 356 minutes and 20 seconds banked… and not because I’ve paid for it either. I don’t think I’ve ever paid for porn there at all, ever.

The thing is, when I signed up I got 15 minutes free (just like you can, click the ‘Get your free account’ link) and they regularly send me 15 minutes more free minutes. Enough that I have almost 6 hours banked. Banked! LOL

Now I did have a six month period where my firewall wouldn’t let me stream their movies for some reason, but still… that’s a lot of free high-quality smut I’ve got sitting there, without spending a penny.

Ya know, in case you’re into that sort of thing.

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