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Rough Edges, my anthology about sexy cowboys and cowgirls, is one of the titles included in Kobo’s 40% off sale this month. Yay! That means if you use the promo code 40SAVE at the checkout you can take 40% off the cover price.

Now, math isn’t my strong suit, but I’m pretty sure 40% off the regular cover price of $2.99 means you’d be paying about $1.79 for the book, which is a steal 🙂

(and don’t forget, you don’t need a Kobo ereader to use their books, there’s an app for that too 😉 )

If you don’t need any further convincing you can pick up your copy of Rough Edges by clicking here. If you do want a little more persuading I’ve included a short excerpt to try and tempt you 🙂

Excerpt from “Lady of Lacrymosa” by Brantwijn Serrah:

While the rest of Cain’s girls got to serving and the big gun’s partners found themselves a table to start a game of cards, Lady Gunslinger waded through the activity without showing much interest in anything. Katarina caught the warm glow of deep, Spanish eyes under the shadow of the ivory cowboy hat, and long, sooty lashes half-lidding the woman’s curious gaze. Fingering the charm at her throat, she found the piano, where Cain’s old tufted piano-man played some nameless favorite tune. The lady’s look gave off a joyful hunger, like each chord lured her in a little and a little bit more. When she reached the piano she tilted her head to one side, then turned perfectly still. Kat imagined the piano-man—Floyd—maybe looked a little skittish at the attention.

And that’s when the lady began to dance.

If Katarina thought the woman seemed leggy before, now she was all fine, graceful limbs in hypnotic revolution. She reached long arms up over her head and moved into a cadenced, swaying motion. Floyd’s tune hadn’t quite been ragtime quick to begin with, but now he slowed it down, and watched her as he played as though she were his sheet of music. The song turned into a fascination: something meant for romantic guitar, and Lady Gunslinger moved to it in abandon. Climbing roses would move like that, Katarina decided.  Climbing roses or jaunty little brown sparrows rolling on a lazy breeze.

For a wonder, no one else paid the lady any attention. Glasses were raised to the other three and some of the local boys made excuses to wander over and offer regards. A gaggle of the saloon girls hovered, no doubt hoping to catch the eye of the generous man who appeared to be in charge.  Nobody watched the lady, though. Nobody except Katarina.

Like a desert heat mirage she moved; like a thunderhead. Kat studied her with a subtle swell of interest and even a little envy. All at once she wanted to join the dance too. She wanted to be pulled close to the heart of the gunslinger’s languid, elegant storm.

“I want you,” she whispered in a tiny voice, before she even knew she’d said it.

And as if she’d heard, Lady Gunslinger’s dark eyes flew open, and her sharp gaze landed directly on the startled saloon girl.

Pick up your copy of Rough Edges now by clicking here, and don’t forget to use that promo code at the checkout to take 40% off the cover price!

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