Anna Kyle’s Bitty Blog Tour

Skye Falling by Anna Kyle

To celebrate the release of Anna Kyle’s first book, Skye Falling, I organized a bitty blog tour and because I was organizing it I didn’t feel even a little bit guilty making the first stop my own blog 🙂

Please enjoy this guest blog from Anna Kyle:

From Writer To Author

by Anna Kyle

My novella, SKYE FALLING, hit the shelves (the internet has shelves, right?) last week and is officially published. YAHOO!!! I even peeked at the Sneak Peek offered at B&N and there were my words, staring back at me.

I’m officially an author. An honest-to-god author.

One day you’re a writer, the next you’re an author.

Hooray! *I lift a glass while dancing*
Holy crap! *I cower in a corner*

Of course, most writers aim for publication. We want folks to read what we wrote with our hot, sweaty fingertips, or sometimes in my case, fingertips glowing an unnatural orange from my comfort food, Cheetos. I’m ecstatic and excited when I remind myself that I love Lake’s and Skye’s story; it’s sweet and sexy and funny. I swing to nervous and scared when I wonder what others will think. Then I take a deep breath.

SKYE FALLING is out there. People will love it, like it, or…not. So far they seem to like it but it’s out of my hands. And that’s scary. Maybe this happy/scared swing is something every writer goes through when their first book is published. Or it’s just me. It could very well be just me.

The sheer panic has subsided but I’ve got a fresh bag of orange salty goodness waiting in the cabinet for when it returns, and it will because the next book in the series is on deck.

SKYE FALLING is technically Book 2 in the Wolf King series. Book 1, OMEGA RISING, comes out later this year or early 2016. Huh, you ask. You heard me, I reply.

I started writing The Book (you know, the one rattling around in your head I know you know what I’m talking about). I’d always wanted to and the timing was right. It took a long time (who knew writing a book was so hard? No one ever told me so I’m telling you that writing a book is hard but SO worth the effort). In the middle of that process, I’d get frustrated and stuck (the dreaded sucky-stucky). During one particularly long patch I pulled Lake, a supporting character in The Book, aka OMEGA RISING, because he was so clear in my head and needed an equally awesome heroine. Lake’s and Skye’s story, SKYE FALLING, was accepted by Red Moon Romance and two months later they accepted OMEGA RISING, the loins from which SF sprang to get all biblical on you.

So SKYE FALLING, being a novella that can also stand alone, was published first. It’s a paranormal romance starring Lake, a sexy wolf shapeshifter who always has his friend’s back, and Skye, an impulsive Fae halfling princess determined to go around, through, or over Lake to carry out her plan, which never actually goes according to the plan.

Their story was so much fun to write. I hope you love reading it.

Skye Falling is available now!


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