Cori Vidae is a pseudonym, of course (I mean, c’mon, people don’t just happen into awesome names like that :-p), but there’s a real person behind it. A real person who attends writing conventions and other such events. I had a daydream last week about buying two memberships for my next convention so I could have two name tags and then swapping between them for panels and socializing. C’mon! How much fun would that be? LOL

I won’t do that, but I may be making some public appearances as Cori in the coming months. Which will be a little weird.

Do you use a pen name and attend events as your alter ego? How do you work that? Do you go to different conventions under one name than you do the other, or do you announce that you are both X and Y?

The genres I work in are disparate and incompatible with one another so I try to keep them as separate as possible, but separate events/conventions seems complicated and could lead to all sorts of situations which would feel deceptive. I’m not into that.

What do you think? What would you do? What do you do?

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