Cover Reveal: Moonlight and Magic

Moonlight and Magic

Gods he was pathetic. If he’d had a tail he’d be wagging the thing. “Stop,” she said, holding up a hand. She didn’t need to use any magic to compel his obedience but he froze in place as surely as if she had. “Crawl to me.”

Moonlight and Magic is the result of two prompts I received from readers. The “She’s on the Bottom” theme made the first prompter think of Bottom from A Midsummer Night’s Dream, and wonder what it might be like if “she” was literally “on” Bottom. As a result she requested I write a fairy ponyplay story.

The second prompter requested I write a story where a woman pegs a man and said I’d get bonus points if the woman was smaller than the man. I combined those two prompts together and this is what happened 🙂

The resulting F/m story is about 6,700 words long and was described by my editor as ” a cute story–yanno if you can call a pony play-pegging story cute“.

I’ll be giving this story away to all subscribers to my mailing list on June 21st 🙂

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