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I was totally, totally stumped for what to talk about for this blog post, so I went on the Kinky Canadian Romance Authors and Book Fanatics Facebook page and asked for help. Specifically I asked for people to give me a couple interview-type questions so I could talk about the answers to them. Luckily for me, Lisa Emme came to my rescue and asked me a couple questions.

And if you’re curious about what the Canadian connection in all this is, it’s me. I’m Canadian so therefore when I answer questions about myself it’s Canadian content. Or something. All right, I admit that’s a pretty weak connection, but I was really stumped :-p

What is the strangest ‘prop’ you have ever written into a sex scene?

I haven’t used very many truly unusual things, actually. Which makes me a little sad in retrospect. Recently I did write a story that involved anal sex out in the middle of a magical forest so I had to come up with some natural lubrication and invented a plant I, oh so creatively, called the slickorice plant (rhymes with licorice). That might count as pretty unusual 😉 Other than that… I think really I should just take this as a challenge. What kind of strange ‘prop’ would you like to see me use in a sex scene? I’ll choose one (or more) and incorporate them into my next Erotica Under Glass adventure (I think it’ll start in February).

You are planning a story where ink and kink meet. Do you have any tattoos?

I am actually planning an anthology where ink and kink meet. It’s going to be called kINKED and it opens to submissions on January 1st (that’s Friday!). And I do, in fact, have tattoos. I have three so far, and plans to get several more. I love tattoos. My most recent one is on my left shoulderblade and it’s of my logo. A magpie my partner drew for me:


Which brings me to the final question…

And finally, what’s with the crow? Your name is even a play on the scientific name for the crow family is it not (Corvidae – I have a zoology background lol)?

My name IS a play on the scientific name for the crow family. Good catch 🙂 The logo is meant to be a magpie though, not a crow.

I love corvids. I love how clever they are, how playful and mischievous. When it was time for me to pick a new pen name I thought I’d steal the word Corvidae and turn it into a name. A handily placed i later I was on my way.

Cori Vidae.

I think it works 🙂

This year’s theme is ‘Fill Up Your E-Reader’ so owe’re giving away a bunch of awesome digital books. Have you seen the prize list? Check this out!

Grand Prize:
Digital copies of at least one book from each participating author including:
Altering Authority by Ashley Dooley
Dead and Kicking by Lisa Emme
Something in the Air by Marie Landry
Magic Resistant by Veronica DelRosa
The Naughty List by Cori Vidae
Firefly: Ice Born by P.M. Pevato
Thirteen by Shannon Peel
Enemy Within by Marysol James
Questing for a Dream by P.D. Workman
Vice by Rosanna Leo
Lakeshore Secrets by Shannyn Leah
Guarding Midnight by Kacey Hammell
3013:Renegade by Susan Hayes
The Raven Room by Ana Medeiros
Alien Next Door: Complete Series by Jessica E. Subject
Slow Ride Home by Leah Braemel
One Gold Heart by Sadie Haller
Two $10 gift cards for Chapters-Indigo

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