Erotica Under Glass ~ Panties. Day One Progress

Gorgeous woman in a bra and panties
I’m done for the day, I think. It’s possible that I’ll manage to sneak some more writing time in this evening, but I doubt it. Still, I think it was a good day progress-wise. I wrote just over 4,000 words on a story I’m currently calling “Twin Magic”. I used the image above as the inspiration for it, and I think it’s pretty hot so far.

Here’s a little excerpt from the first draft:

I didn’t know Becca knew how to move like that. Like an exotic dancer, but the best kind. She didn’t bump and grind or gyrate all over like she was having a seizure. She moved slowly, sinuously. She moved like she was comfortable in her body, with her sexuality. She moved like she knew I was in the palm of her hand (I was) and she could do anything she wanted with me (she could). She exuded confidence and sexuality and hunger.

I’d never wanted her more.

I watched her dance to music that wasn’t there. Watched her cup her breasts, pull her panties up tight against her body. I wanted to be those panties. Baring that, I wanted to touch them, to feel her through the fabric, to feel it slide frictionless between her skin and mine.

I can already see edits I want to make, but overall, I think this story is definitely hitting the right notes on the erotic scale.

I don’t usually get much work done on weekends because of family obligations but I’m going to do what I can about sneaking in some writing time where I can. And not least of all because I’m anxious to finish the sex scene I’m working on. It’s yummy.

4038 / 10000

P.S. What the fuck is with not being able to find a single progress meter that will work? Ugh. This one’s images aren’t working, but at least the text looks pretty. I guess.

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