Erotica Under Glass ~ Panties. Day Three Progress.

Gorgeous woman in a bra and pantiesIt was another good writing day today and my total word count for Twin Magic is now just over 9,000.


This was meant to just be a short story, one of several I wanted to do for this first foray into writing under glass, but it has taken on a life of its own. I’m scared to actually speculate how long I think this story will be when it’s done but I would not be surprised if it were 30,000 words long. I guess we’ll have to wait and see.

Today’s excerpt:

“Damn, Becca…”

She hesitated then, froze in mid grind and I thought maybe I’d done something wrong by speaking, maybe I’d wrecked things, but I must not have because a second later she was like a woman possessed. She writhed atop me, against me. The satin of her panties slid frictionlessly over my prick in one direction and then just the right amount of rough in the other.

Back and forth.

Harder and harder.

I shoved her bra out of the way so it bared her breast to my view, and drank in its loveliness before I rolled her nipple between my fingers. It had been hard before, but it grew like steel beneath my touch, and the moan that came from her lips was more guttural and exciting than any noise I’d ever heard her make before.

I moved my hand to her waist, and when she didn’t stop me, further down to her hip. I could feel the band of her panties beneath my hand and I began to work it down, down so that if I could bear to be separated from her for long enough, I could take them off.

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