Erotica Under Glass — Paranormal Circus

I am incredibly excited to announce my next Erotica Under Glass theme.

Inspired in equal parts by a novella I wrote an eon ago entitled The Ringmaster, Anna Kyle‘s Wolf King series, “The Night Circus” and the kinky clown story I wrote for the She’s On The Bottom Under Glass theme I have decided this year’s theme is going to be…

Paranormal Circus

Paranormal Circus!

*happy dance*

I’m going to begin by re-writing The Ringmaster*, at which point I’ll introduce you all to some of my characters and the basic rules of the world, and then I’ll open up for prompts.

I expect this to be an erotic and interesting romp through a world populated by shapeshifters, mythological races and, given who is writing it, probably a whole lot of kink. In other words? It’s gonna be FUN.

I like fun. 😉

*as soon as I’ve finished transcribing the stories from the She’s Under Glass theme

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