Under Glass Excerpt: Masks

I haven’t had a lot of time recently to work on typing up my Under Glass stories, but since I’m participating in Em Shotwell‘s February Love Letter event I needed to pick a couple to write about.

At her suggestion *cough*dare*cough* I decided to write about my character who is a clown. Her name is Maggie. She has a summer fling with a Texas strong man named Ben when they are both working for the same traveling carnival. After some time, life and death intervene and they are separated for a time before getting a second chance. They have only a week to figure out if they have a future together, or if their time together was just a passing thing.

The thing about this story is that I’ve been fighting it and fighting it ever since Alexa Piper gave me this picture as a prompt:

Strong dude with chain

And it actually wasn’t until I was writing the love letter for Em’s event that I figured out what it was REALLY about.

So now even though I thought the story was done I’ve discovered I’m wrong.

Which kinda sucks.

But, on the plus side, the scenes I’d written from Ben and Maggie’s past are still useable… and trust me, that’s a big plus side. This sex is hot. Want a peek? Of course you do.

Totally NSFW excerpt from Masks:

The mirror was smooth and cold against her back, but Ben was hot and hard. So hard. Everywhere. She’d never been with someone so strong, so muscled. She felt completely safe when she was with him, like the world couldn’t touch her.

“You’re gorgeous,” he said, nuzzling her earlobe. “I just can’t stay away.”

“I don’t want you to,” she whispered, leaning her head against his. When he looked up into her eyes, white greasepaint from her face was smeared against his cheek. She laughed.

“Let me just get that–” She pulled her undershirt over her head, used it to wipe the paint from his face and then tossed it to join the rest of her costume, discarded in the corner.

His fingers were hot against her breasts, cupping them while his callused thumb rubbed against her nipple. She shivered and arched her back, pressing against his palms. Out of the corner of her eye she saw her reflection, and her reflection’s reflection, doing the same.

Her pale skin against his dark tan.

Her painted face.

His bulging muscles.

Desire punched her in the belly and she bit her lower lip, tasted her gloss. He raised an eyebrow then leaned in and kissed her. While their tongues tangled together, hot and wet, he rubbed her nipples and then suddenly, unexpectedly, pinched them hard. The glowing embers in her belly flared to life, sending heat throughout her body and a white-hot spear of desire straight to her clit.

She’d never done anything like this before–not making out with a man she’d just met, not The House of Mirrors, not even the little bit of pain to heighten her pleasure–but she’d fantasized about it. She’d never thought she’d be brave enough to live it out, but here she was.

“Oh girl,” Ben broke off their kiss with a laugh. “This is gonna be fun!”


She looked as though she was waking from a dream, or living one. Her eyes were hooded, her lips parted, lipstick smeared. Her reaction when he’d pinched her was perfect and confirmed everything he’d suspected about her, but now wasn’t the time to push boundaries and talk about kink. No. That could wait for later. For now he just wanted to fuck her.

He moved behind her, giving her an unobstructed view of the two of them reflected over and over into infinity in the mirrors surrounding them. It gave him an unobstructed view as well.

She was tiny, only coming up to his shoulder. Her hair was a mess, the bun had given up any pretense of staying together and dangled around the base of her neck and her blonde hair was everywhere, framing her face in wisps and tendrils that made her look like she’d just been fucked, instead of like she was just about to be. Her skin was pale against his, white against brown, and her breasts the perfect size to cup in his hands. Her panties were white cotton, staid, boring, not really in character for the feisty woman he’d spent the day with, but they added an aire of innocence that made his cock hard.

He was going to enjoy despoiling this little clown, oh yes, he was.

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