G is for GGG

Blogging from A to ZI had no idea what to choose for the letter G. Gender? Glass (as in writing under glass)? G-spot? LOL In the end I’ve decided to go with something that, I think, is relevant to everyone who is sexually active.


GGG is an acronym that was coined by Dan Savage and it stands for good, giving and game.

The idea is that every person should strive to be good in bed, giving to their partner(s) (meaning unselfish) and game to try new things. I think Dan and his followers actually define game as being game ‘for anything within reason’ and that works too, but for some people just trying something new can be a challenge.

One of the core aspects of BDSM, in my opinion, is testing and finding your limits and that is not an easy thing. It requires baby steps, so game to try new things might be the first step toward being game for anything within reason, don’t you think? 🙂

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