Goals for 2015

Photograph by DuBoix and used courtesy of them and MorgueFile

I need to set goals. I need to set goals or it’s far too easy for me to become frazzled and overwhelmed by all the things I have on the go. When that happens I sort of begin to pinball around the place, bouncing off things but not getting anything done.

So I set goals 🙂

This year my goals are relatively straight forward (and sadly, many of them are carried over from last year):

As a writer:

  • Self-publish all my old ‘Steffie Sherwood’ stories
  • Have at least one successful ‘Writing Under Glass’ event
  • Figure out why my tags and categories on this website have suddenly stopped working* >_<
  • Publish at least one story through a traditional publisher
  • Complete one of my half-finished longer projects (incubus, Twin Magic or 2012’s NaNo novel)
  • Begin adapting ### ####### for re-release
  • Build a solid list of people on Twitter who I enjoy following and interacting with.

As an editor:

  • Edit at least two titles for Red Moon Romance that are released this year or next
    • This may include the Secret Santa anthology I’m currently working on, but bonus points if they are in addition to it 🙂
  • Successfully acquire stories to create a strong table of contents for the anthology I proposed to Red Moon Romance (hint: see picture above) and deliver the manuscript on time

Sorry about the censorship up there, it’s not because there’s a big bad secret of some sort that you’re not in on, it’s just because that goal is going to require a blog post to explain, and I haven’t got time to write it just yet.

*On a somewhat related note? The tags and categories on this website have suddenly stopped working. Fun, fun, fun!

ETA: I fixed the link/categories problem. Yay! One item already crossed off the list. It’s all downhill from here, right? Right? Hey… why are you laughing?



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