kINKED Covers

kINKED, my steamy anthology about where kink and ink meet, came out in March 2017 with this cover:

I love this cover. Unfortunately it was a little too risque for Amazon so finding our book organically using their search engine was next to impossible.

But I loved our cover and didn’t want to change it.

However, whether we like it or not Amazon is king and it is important that people be able to find our book there without performing some sort of magic trick first. So I asked the cover artist, the amazing Amanda C. Davis, if she could help me out and badaboom badabing, just like that kINKED had a new cover. One that Amazon doesn’t want to hide.

Check it out:

So now if you’d like to pick up a copy on Amazon it should be much easier. But let me just give you direct links LOL

kINKED on Amazon

(US) (CA) (UK)

However, if you prefer the old cover you can still get that at Kobo.

Whichever cover people like better, I am pleased to have the chance to increase our audience and share this book with more readers who like steamy kinky short stories 🙂


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