M is for Magpie

Cori Vidae LogoI was going to write M is for Masochist but… I like magpies. A lot. And when else am I going to have a chance to write about them on a BDSM blog? Um. Not often, I don’t expect LOL

I say I like magpies a lot but really I’m a fan of all corvidae — hence my pen name.

Corvids are so intelligent, beautiful and (at least where I’m from) misunderstood. People don’t like them, largely because of how clever they are. When you’re smart and have lots of time on your hands you can cause plenty of trouble. 🙂

Pica pica is the species of magpie that lives around here and that is why that’s what I asked my friend to draw for my logo. A gorgeous, glorious magpie.

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