Not Your Shield

A very brief aside, if I may…

Have you been following this whole Jian Ghomeshi thing? For those who haven’t, basically what happened is that the famous (and once beloved) host of the CBC radio show Q was recently exposed as an abusive fuck who likes to punch women in the head and assault them sexually but, here’s the bit that relates to this website–right before the story broke about Jian he made a bullshit Facebook post about how CBC was firing him for being kinky.



Let me just say I would be disgusted and disturbed by the news about Jian even without that Facebook post, but the fact he would take BDSM and try to use it as a shield for his criminal behaviour just… argh!

I want to write a very long rant post, but I will refrain because everyone reading this knows the difference between consensual kink and criminally abusive behaviour, right? Right?

And also? Fuck you Jian. Kink is not your shield.

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