Skye Falling Blog Tour Wrap-Up

Skye Falling by Anna KyleJust hours ago Anna Kyle and I moved on to the next stage of the production of her novel Omega Rising. It’s a super exciting time, and also a great time for us to look back at the blog tour which accompanied the first release from Anna’s Wolf King series–Skye Falling.

Skye Falling came out in August and was very well-received, it was even an All Romance eBooks bestseller. One of the interesting things about Skye Falling is that though it is actually the second book in the Wolf King series, it was the first one released. As Anna said in her guest post at Novel Addiction:

“SKYE FALLING is a paranormal romance novella, book 2 in my Wolf King series (Book 1, OMEGA RISING, will be out early 2016, I know it’s weird but for this series it works so just go with it).”

She’s right. It does work.

In that same guest blog from Novel Addiction Anna described the plot as: “The story follows Skye, an impulsive fae halfling princess, who slips into the human realm with a resolute goal and half-assed plan to find the rumored Wolf King. Lake, a smoking hot wolf shapeshifter, is unwillingly charged with capturing the petulant princess but this easy-peasy job goes quickly awry.” and talked about how amazing it was to see reviews for her work. Reviews like the one at Writing, Shadows and Two Imps where the reviewer said (in part):

“The ending of the book (nope, not telling you, you have to read it) was so well done that I’m looking forward to reading more of this series. The reveal and the writing for the end had me staring at my screen (I read the ebook), unwilling to stop reading until I knew how it all turned out.”

Anna also made a guest appearance at Writing, Shadows and Two Imps where she talked about the Four Things No One Tells You When You Write a Book. Things like how difficult it is, how lonely it can be and how very important cheerleaders are. She talked about some of those difficulties again at Reading Between the Wines where she described how “sleep-storming” helped her out more than once. Meanwhile, over at Fang-tastic books, Anna talked about being in love with her characters and shared a short excerpt from Skye Falling–one of my favourite scenes where Skye uses her Fae magic to deal with the shapeshifter, Lake (it’s the water wings that make it).

There were also a series of enlightening interviews which surrounded the release of Skye Falling. In Anna’s interview with Sydney Scrogham, for example, not only do we get our first glimpse of what Anna looks like, we also discover that she didn’t always want to be a writer—say it’s not so!—and learn what superpower she would pick for herself. Over at Literary Escapism she answered questions about her first story ever and being a geek and then her last two interviews focused more on her writing process and the characters of Skye Falling. For example, Rhonda Parrish asked what her favourite things were about Skye and Lake, and Laura Harvey delved deeper into what it was that made their relationship work over at Mistress of the Red Pen.

Overall, I think it is a fantastic introduction to Anna Kyle and Skye Falling. Just as Skye Falling is a fantastic introduction to the Wolf King series. I can’t wait to add Omega Rising’s Cass and Nathan to the list of amazing characters readers are going to fall in love with like they did Lake and Skye!

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