Well, It’s Official…

It’s official. My bio is up on the Red Moon Romance website and everything — I am one of their new Assistant Editors 🙂

Red Moon focuses on romance, encompassing the spectrum from sensual romance to erotic romance without ever tumbling into erotic fiction, because what we do is hot romance.

Of course, everything I post here as a writer is erotic fiction, not romance, but what you see here (or, more specifically, what you’ve seen here so far) isn’t all there is to me. I’m a huge fan of romance as well as the more smut-tastic stuff, and I won’t have any issue at all switching to the more emotional side of the spectrum when I have my editor hat on.

Red Moon RomanceSpeaking of editing, I do it a lot and, at the risk of seeming immodest, I’m pretty damn good at it.

What this means for this website is that while I will continue to be writing, sharing and selling my own sex-centric stories, I will also be spreading the word about the authors’ stories I’ve edited. So you, Dear Reader, will get a sampling from a much larger variety of heat and romance levels. Win/win, right?

If you are a writer of erotic romance Red Moon Romance is opening to submissions on January 1st so… 😉

The Editor-in-Chief, Eileen Weidbrauk, asked each of us Assistant Editors to write a quick little piece about what we’re looking for. You’ll find mine below. It and the other Assistant Editors’ descriptions of what we’re looking for will be up on the RMR website soon so, if you’re a writer you’ll be able to see what we’re looking for and if you’re a reader you’ll know what you can soon hope to read from the Red Moon Romance imprint!

What I’m Looking For: When I interviewed for this position Eileen said, “If that’s where you want to build your editorial nest…” and that image hasn’t left my brain ever since. My editorial nest is tucked into the shadows and it isn’t smooth-edged, downy or comfortable. It’s complex, thorny and challenging. If your story is too, I’d love to see it.

A little too metaphorical?

I like my romance dark and twisted. That could very well mean kinky, but it doesn’t have to.

Kink is awesome (so long as it’s RACK) and doesn’t absolutely need to equate to BDSM. I’m open to any heat level and it takes an awful lot to make me blush, so if you can pull it off without also squicking me out, you will definitely have my attention.

My wishlist for my first year with Red Moon Romance includes an erotic second world fantasy, an intelligent kinky romance which does not include a billionaire wanna-be Dom and a sexy steampunk story. So dude, if you’ve got a kinky steampunk story we should definitely talk.


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