Winter Wonderland Reader Scavenger Hunt

This year I’m participating in the Winter Wonderland Scavenger Hunt, because how could I not? It seemed like a great way to get The Naughty List in front of readers who might enjoy it, and at the same time give my regular readers a chance to win some awesome prizes. Check out this prize list!


Grand Prize Winner!
Grand Prize: $100 Amazon eGift Card

$25 Amazon eGift Cards (2 Winners)
$10 Amazon eGift Cards (20 Winners)
$5 Amazon eGift Cards (95 Winners)

The event actually begins November 20th, and I will make another blog post on that day to be sure no one misses out, but I’m pretty excited so I thought I’d give you all a head’s up too 🙂

And while we’re here, why not share an excerpt from The Naughty List? 😉

Excerpt from Tiffany Reisz’s story in The Naughty List, “A Christmas Maggie”:

“Perhaps if you bribed me with a beating . . . then I would wear flannel for you.”

“I like the sound of that.” Daniel cupped the back of her thighs and slipped his hands over her bare bottom and up her back. At moments like this he felt the age difference between them most keenly. She’d only turned twenty-three while he could reach out and touch forty with his eyes closed. His rough hands would never recover from his year of rappelling and mountain climbing in South America. The smoothness of Anya’s young skin served as a bitter reminder of how many years separated them. He didn’t like to think about what else should and could separate them.

“I only said ‘perhaps,’ Sir. No promises.”

Daniel dipped his head and kissed her. Anytime she called him “Sir” in that respectful tone he couldn’t resist a kiss. That word empowered him like nothing else. The second a “Sir” escaped her lips, he had to drag her to the bed, the floor, the sofa . . .

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