3-Day Novel Contest

The 3-Day Novel Contest is exactly what it sounds like. It challenges writers to write a complete novel over a three day weekend. This upcoming weekend, to be specific.

I’m not entering the contest this year (maybe next year when I’ve a bit more time to prepare) but I am going to use it as inspiration to get some writing done.

This year has been pretty bonkers and I haven’t spent any time at all writing anything new, not even for my paranormal circus erotica under glass project. It’s time to change that.

My goals related to the paranormal circus erotica under glass for this year were:

  • Finish writing and editing the untitled novelette/novella? about Ben and Maggie
  • Write at least one more story in this series.
    • Preferably two¬†😉
  • Write and share a holiday-themed story set in this series

So those are my goals for the 3-Day Novel Contest.

Because I also like word count goals I’m also aiming for 25,000 words over the three days.

I’m going to spend some time tomorrow re-acquainting myself with Ben and Maggie and the world they live in, and then I’ll dive in. I will attempt to post updates on Twitter and Facebook using the hashtag #3DaysUnderGlass but if I need to chose between writing and tweeting writing is going to win.

Wish me luck!

Oh, and send prompts (details).

Paranormal Circus

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