Anthology Updates

Late last week I heard from the publisher-in-chief of Red Moon Romance and she advised me she would be canceling the publication of both Rough Edges and kINKED. It’s a difficult time for the publishing business and while I understand the position of the publisher (anthologies are tricky to make money with), I am sorry that those anthologies won’t find a home at RMR. However, I am still moving forward with them.

The situation is tricky on my end because of the lack of notice and the stage of production the anthologies are at, but I’m going to make this work. I’ve no small amount of experience with this sort of thing (though I can’t really go into details because pen name) and I’d been planning to launch a micro press this year anyway, this just bumped it up on my priority list.

Rough Edges is still coming out this year.

kINKED is still open to submissions.

They are both going to be awesome 🙂

I will have more details to offer as time goes on but for now please be patient, trust me, and keep the kINKED submissions coming.

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