Blogging More…

It’s a problem.

You see, I have resolved to blog more regularly here and have put ‘Cori Blog’ on my to-do list for every Thursday because yup, Thursday is gonna be the day, alright.

And then Thursday comes and I haven’t a clue what to blog about. So today I’m going with ‘rambly update post about all the things’.

There’s a lot going on, but a great deal of it is [Top Sekkrit] still, which makes it difficult to talk about. I mean, I could just tease you with stuff… (there’s an obvious joke there, I’m not going to make it) but that just seems kind of cruel.

Okay, lemme try anyway… in the next few weeks I’ll be making the following blog post/announcements:

  • The fourth installment of the Triskaidekaphilia series has a kick-ass theme, an awesome editor, a title and a call for submissions. All those details will be announced in February.
  • I’ve acquired and will be editing a series of four novellas for Pen and Kink Publishing. The details of that will be announced next week.
  • The cover reveal for Magic Flame (book three of the Enchanted series) will be in February
  • Magic Ember (book two of the Enchanted series) will be coming out in February.

So, as you can see, I’ve got content lined up for the next four weeks but not a lot for today LOL

I can tell you that Magic Spark set the world on fire when it came out this month, and people have been saying nice things about it:

So that’s nice!

I haven’t had any chance to write this past week though, and that’s less nice.

But, I’ve also started a new thing on my Facebook Page where we check-in with each other to share what we’re reading, and people have been responding, and that is really nice.


I wonder if I could possibly find another way to use the word ‘nice’ in this blog post. Or maybe I should just stop rambling and call this post done.



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