Rough Edges on Sale

Like a lot of people in this industry I have a love/hate relationship with reviews… but Rough Edges is in a bit of a spot in regard to reviews on Kobo. Their system only allows for people with a verified purchase to leave a review, and those reviews only take the form of a star rating — no explanation or description. Which is fine. It’s super convenient for reviewers, for one thing, because they don’t need to articulate why they do or don’t like a book, they just need to click on the star.

The problem for Rough Edges, though, is that its only got one review over there… and apparently it wasn’t a good fit for that reader because they gave it two stars. Which again, is fine. It really truly is. Except for one thing… that’s the only review there so the book currently has a two star rating.

I honestly think I could accept a two star rating if it came as a result of averaging together a bunch of ratings — I’d be sad, obviously, but I’d accept it — but having it as a result of a single rating is pretty frustrating.

I know not every book is for every reader — especially when it comes to erotica — so I’m sad the single review is from someone for whom this wasn’t a good fit.

Soo… if you haven’t read Rough Edges yet but you’ve been meaning to, maybe this week is the time for you to take that step? And maybe use Kobo to purchase your copy — the book is on sale for $0.99 there in US and Canada as part of their ‘Fall in love with a new series’ promotion. And maybe? If you do pick up a copy from Kobo, could you leave an honest review for it once you’re done reading?

That would be awesome.


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