Cover Reveal: Transformed

When I first conceived of the Triskaidekaphilia anthology series I knew I wasn’t going to be able to edit all thirteen volumes — there just aren’t enough hours in the day — and giving that up was kind of difficult because I sort of, maybe, might have control issues. But one of the awesome things that came with my getting over that speed bump and hiring different editors for each volume (so far) is that it creates a diversity of theme, mood, style and subject matter that never could have happened if I’d tried to edit them all.

Laura tackled a tricky subject matter in Legendary and found strong stories with a great mix of gay and straight pairings. In Ravenous, Ariel brought the heat out hard, but coupled that with stories that explored all sorts of different kinds of vampires, and what it means to be vampiric. Trysh took an angle for Haunted that I never would have thought of and I’m looking forward to seeing what she pulls together when submissions open this fall.

And, of course, there is Transformed.

When I first talked to Charlie about the anthology, I’ll admit I was thinking of the usual kind of mammal shapeshifters — you know, wolves, big cats, bears, that sort of thing — but Charlie was thinking way outside of that box. Don’t get me wrong, I love that box, but I also love that in Transformed Charlie has put together a collection that includes shifters from the mammalian world, but also birds, and reptiles and the fantastic.

And now it has a cover

Designed by Amanda C. Davis, I think this cover is awesome. Check it out:

Nothing is quite so deliciously freeing as caving to your instincts. For centuries, shapeshifters have personified our impulse to bow to our animalistic nature. From lycans to skin-walkers and everything in between, shapeshifters give us a chance to connect with our inner-selves and celebrate our intriguing differences, our passions, and ultimately our humanity through their necessity of striking a balance between their human selves and supernatural selves.

Transformed will be available July 13th, 2018 but if you reserve your copy now you’ll save because the price is going up on release day!

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