December 0.99 Sale!

That picture right there? That shows all the Pen and Kink titles that Kobo has chosen to include in their December sale. As you can see, I wrote one of them and edited two more, so I’m pretty excited!

Now, in theory this sale is in the US only, but when I looked at the Canadian version of Kobo I saw the discounted price. So it’s possible that everyone can benefit from this $0.99 sale and Kobo is only promoting it in the US.

Either way, if you have been curious about any of these titles and you use Kobo, this is the perfect chance to check them out. If I may be so selfish as to highlight the books I wrote or edited…

The Longest Night is the second story in my ‘Prairie Magic’ series, and happens to be the one with a Christmas theme, which makes it a great read for this season.

In The Longest Night Mary (a newbie witch) and Cairn (the incubus she accidentally summoned from Limbo) are going to be celebrating their first Christmas together.

This one is heavy on the heat and a bit light on plot. It was meant to be mostly a steamy holiday read that will bridge the space between the first book in the series, Circles Within Circles, and the third which I’m currently writing and doesn’t have a title. But it stands alone and is, I’m told by people who haven’t read the first, a great bit of heat for a cold winter evening.

Rough Edges is the first anthology I did for Pen and Kink. It’s all about cowboys (and girls) and though most of the stories land on the steamier side of the romance and erotica spectrum, they are definitely not light on plot.

Finally, Magic Spark is first book in the Enchanted trilogy and it features a story each from three very talented romance writers — Sara Dobie Bauer, Em Shotwell and Wendy Sparrow. If you’re interested in a taste of magical romance and want to sample three very different flavours, this could be the book for you.

Check ’em out. Each title is linked to its Kobo page. Enjoy!

The sale ends at midnight on December 17th 🙂

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