Erotica Under Glass – She’s on the Bottom

I was delusional.

No, really. That’s the only possible explanation for why I thought I’d be able to write 90 hours this month and keep up with all the other things on my schedule. I must have been delusional. So far I’ve written 5 hours. On a progress bar that looks a little something like this:

[wppb progress=6]

It’s also about 3 hours short of where I should have been at the start of my day today >_<

So. I don’t know how likely I am to reach 90 hours this month LOL That’s not to say I’m giving up already, I’m not, and discovering if I can pull this off, or how much I fall short will be super helpful in setting my Under Glass goals for next year so it’s all good.

Also? The writing is going well, so there’s that 🙂

I finished off the story I’d been writing and re-writing for-freaking-ever on Tuesday. It used to be called Twin Magic but I’ve re-titled it The Coolest Wife Ever.

I haven’t typed it up yet but I think it’s about 8k words. The Coolest Wife Ever is about envy, light kink and finding yourself sexually. It’s also about letting your husband sleep with your twin 😉

Yesterday I began work on a new story. This one is post-apocalyptic and a lot of fun so far. I haven’t gotten super far into it yet (maybe 3k in what I expect to be about a 15k story) but I intend for it to have some pretty strong D/s themes while also showing that submissive != doormat.

This guy and this guy have starring roles as does this beautiful woman.

Really, I should post this blog and get back to it. Especially if I want to move that progress bar a bit more (and I do!).

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