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I don’t have much blogging time today, not if I want to put a dent in my Erotica Under Glass goals (and I do!), but I still wanted to share with you a short excerpt from Skye Falling. So, without further pre-amble, check this out. It’s from one of my favourite scenes in the book. Lake has Skye tied up in bed with huge oven mitts on her hands while he talks to the Wolf King on the phone:

Lake leaned toward her. “Your father made sure I interfered. Insisted that I, personally, interfere,” he sneered. “And what help could you need from our pack leader, fairy princess? Did you hope to ensnare him as your mate instead?”

Skye reacted without thinking and, forgetting about the huge oven mitts, slapped his face. The end result was more like a pillow being tossed at his cheek than a real slap but he leaned back, the scorn on his face changing to surprise. “You cannot talk to me like that.” She straightened her spine, calling on her many years of slapping down countless insults, direct and sly, in the Fae Court.

“I have a name and it is Princess Skye Naa, beloved daughter of King Elhi Naa, ruler of the Fae. If you call me fairy princess in that snide tone again I will kick your junk so hard your balls will fly out of your mouth, through the window and onto the street where they will be flattened by a Prius and then eaten by crows who then will crap. On. Your. Car.”

Silence. Her mouth, once again, was quicker than her brain. Threatening an Enforcer who also happened to be second-in-command under the Wolf King, in said Wolf King’s hearing, might be last monumentally foolish thing she did but she lifted her chin, not sorry in the least. A man’s ego was a curious thing, she’d learned, making some of them unpredictable when insulted in front of others. The weaker the man, the uglier the response. But this man, Lake, spoke false to the one person who could help her. No, she wasn’t sorry. If threatening this man meant her death, she would die fighting, her dignity intact, a royal worthy of her father.

Lake cocked his head and blinked once then a slow smile curved his lips. Not the chilling smile from before but a real one that made her knees weak and her heart trip.

“Why a Prius?” His voice was rich with amusement and she could swear he was looking at her differently, like he was seeing her for the first time.

Skye ducked her head, suddenly shy. “It’s emasculating. You know, because you’d have no balls.” She felt her face heat with a blush. Seemed silly to feel this warm glow of pride for simply making Lake smile but there it was.

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