Love Bytes

Ten years ago I released Love Bytes as a free download from my website. I was using a different website then, and a different name, but I wanted to share something with my readers to commemorate this Friday the 13th and, since I didn’t have time to write something new, this seemed like a good choice. It’s a bit dated but still fun 🙂


Word Count: 3,700
Kink Level: Mild
Themes: Mild D/s, feet, oral, implied paranormal

Love Bytes

Love Bytes


All I wanted was to find someone normal but fun. Not fun as in “Hey-uck, let’s go tip some cows!” or like “When I see you I feel complete for the first time, like our souls have long known each other…” or even like “Heh, wanna fuck?” No, I was looking for someone with brains who didn’t look like Steve Jobs, and who was a little dark. Not dark as in black hair and brown eyes, though that would be good too, but dark like they would be into bossing me around in the bedroom.I sighed and my bangs fluttered around my face before settling once more against my forehead. What was it with all these goofballs? I thought as I scanned yet another lame internet personal ad.

I’d long given up on finding that someone in the kinkier places online. In my experience most of the “Doms” on IRC or who posted ads in the places I’d been were just losers who thought if they pretended to be dominant they’d get laid. However, once I got them into the bedroom they showed me what completely spineless wimps they really were, and I showed them the door.

Having given up on and the like I’d moved on to goth chat rooms and ‘dark’ personal ads. Sure, you had to deal with a lot of stupidality there, but it was of a different kind. All the ‘woe is me’ and ‘I’m so dark’ bullshit was annoying, sure, but it wasn’t hidden, you could tell at a glance which goofuses were worth your time and which weren’t. Alas, tonight I was running really low on those that were.

Just when I’d given up all hope, a window popped up to tell me I had a private message. After taking a deep breath to steel myself against disappointment in case the message was from Darke_Lord, Vampire_God or some other loser from hell, I clicked over to the private message window. Thankfully it was neither of the above, but rather a man who called himself Drakkar. I know it sounds like a cologne, but he’d proven himself to be intelligent, funny and dominant in a good kind of way.


It’s time for us to meet. Give me your address and I’ll be there tonight.


At first I was a bit taken aback–I mean, it was a bit presumptuous–but we’d discussed this possibility a few times in the past two weeks. However, it was also almost 9 o’ clock, unless Drakkar lived very close by, he was not going to get to my house before it was time for me to get my ass to bed for work in the morning.

I wrote him back, giving him my address and suggesting that tomorrow might be a better time for us to hook up. After signing the message “Love, me” I hit send and sat back to wait for his reply. After a couple minutes of waiting I decided I was being silly and, after checking downstairs to make sure my door was closed, I ran a shower.

Stripping my clothes off, I left them in a haphazard pile at the side of my tub, and stepped into the steamy hot water. As it rained down around me it did more than wash the day’s grime away, it took with it all my tension as each droplet pelted my skin like a micro-massage. I closed my eyes and leaned back, letting the water caress me as I soaped up.

My hands slid over my skin, circling my breasts, slipping down over my flat tummy. I made a point of not touching my pussy because I knew if I did I wouldn’t be able to make myself leave the shower until after I’d gotten off. Once I’d completely rinsed off, I wrapped up in a fluffy warm towel and rubbed myself down briskly. Finally, clean, dry, and clad in my white cotton terry robe I left the bathroom and plodded down the hallway to my room.

As soon as I entered I knew something was wrong, but I couldn’t put my finger on what until I heard it–the sound of something rapping on my window.

Now, you might think, “Stupid blonde, it was just a tree branch scratching against your window.” But my bedroom is on the second floor and there are no trees, and thus, no tree branches, anywhere near it. To say I approached the window nervously was an understatement, every molecule in my body begged me to ignore it, to go to sleep, but I knew I couldn’t–there was no way I’d be able to sleep without finding out what the noise was.

Taking a deep breath to calm myself I crossed the floor, the sound of my footsteps muffled by my thick carpet, and reached the window. In one quick motion flung back the heavy curtains.

There, on my windowsill, was a man. Not just any man, this man was fucking gorgeous. Long dark hair fell to his shoulders, framing the ivory-pale skin of his face. Deep set eyes, so dark they looked black, peered at me through the glass. He wore all black and his trench coat whipped around him in the wind.

I think I screamed when I saw him, and my heart jumped to my throat. Then, I figured out what must have happened—Drakkar must have decided to visit tonight, and when I didn’t answer the doorbell he must have decided to climb up to my window to surprise me.

My mind processed all this in less than a second, but it took my body a few more before it was able to obey my mental commands and move. I must have jumped back from the window after seeing Drakkar on the other side of it, because I needed to take two steps to reach it again. With trembling fingers I unlatched the windows and let them swing open.

My house is old, very old, and it has those old fashioned windows that are as tall as I am and doubly wide–the kind that swing inward when you open them, so as soon as I unlatched them the wind pushed them open and then, while they banged loudly off my wall, the curtains began to swirl and twist wildly.

“Is that an invitation?” Drakkar asked from my windowsill, one hand holding on to either side of the window. His voice was smooth and sensual, like mirrored glass–and though the wind was roaring in my ears I could hear him perfectly.

“Yes, yes of course it is!” I yelled to be heard over the banging windows and the wailing wind. “Come in, quickly before we both freeze to death.”

He wasted no time then, coming inside and closing the windows behind him in one fluid motion; fluid being the keyword there. When he moved it was like smoke, he seemed to drift more than walk, smoothly and without a sound. Once inside with the windows shut behind him I smiled and laughed a little nervously–after all, it’s not every night that I let a strange man in my bedroom window while wearing nothing more than a bathrobe.

“Didn’t you read my whole message? I mean, it’s great to meet you, but I did say that tonight wasn’t very good for me.”

He tilted his head to one side, like a dog trying to get a better look at something, and watched me in silence. Just as the quiet was beginning to become awkward, he spoke. His voice, like I said, was smooth, like silk. I felt it brush over me, caress me and wrap around me on its way to my ears.

“You were expecting me?” he asked.

I laughed again; it seemed like an odd question, all things considered. “Well, not tonight exactly, but yeah.”

Then it was his turn to laugh. In contrast to the smoothness of his voice, his laugh was like sandpaper, the kind of sound a small landslide of rocks would make. It sent shivers down my spine, and not necessarily of the good kind.

“Oh, I see.” He laughed again, and then nodded. “At least you’ve dressed for the occasion.” He gestured to my robe.

“Well, like I said,” I answered, suddenly defensive—after all, he was the stranger here, I didn’t have to let him in my window—I could have left him out there to fall. “I wasn’t expecting you tonight.”

He smiled, spread his arms out in front of him and shrugged.

“How did you get up to my window anyway? I didn’t see a ladder.” I questioned, taking a step toward him.

“It doesn’t matter.” He smiled. I looked into his eyes and suddenly he was right; it didn’t matter. I can’t explain why, the instant before it had been the more important thing in the world to me, but suddenly, I could care less…or rather, I couldn’t.

“Come here,” he purred, and without giving it a thought, I did. I’d known for a very long time that I was submissive when it came to sex, but I was usually a bratty submissive–not this time. Drakkar said come, and I came.

Standing in front of him, so close I could smell the earthy scent of his cologne, I came to realize how much bigger than me he was. Not just taller, though he was certainly that, but wider as well. He towered over me, and though any sane woman would have been afraid, I was turned on. The idea that he could physically overpower me without breaking into a sweat, if he so desired, made me hot. Crazy, perhaps, but true.

“Steffie,” he breathed, and then inhaled deeply through his nose. I felt a tremor in my stomach. “Steffie. So beautiful.” He whispered, reaching out to run his fingers through my wet hair.

I leaned into his touch so that his fingers grazed against the side of my face as he withdrew them, smiling at his compliment, and his presence.

“Drakkar.” I mouthed, tilting my head back to look up at him.

As though that were his cue, he suddenly changed. It’s difficult to put into words what happened, but an almost physical change came over him. His posture altered, becoming even more imposing, and the smile that curled over his lips looked quite feral.

“Kneel.” He whispered and again I obeyed. Kneeling before him, I found his cock directly in line with my face. I smiled then, suspecting what was going to come next, and looked up into his eyes.

I reached up to unzip his trousers, but he stopped me with a gesture from his hand. “No, not yet. You want my cock Steffie?”

I nodded, licking my lips.

“You can’t have it. Not yet. You don’t deserve it. Do you want to earn it?”


“Yes, Sir.” He corrected.

I smiled, nodded once more and echoed, “Yes, Sir.”

“Ahh, you’re a quick learner.” He reached down to brush the side of my cheek with the backs of his fingers and then pointed down to his feet. “Take off my shoes Steffie, take them off and show me, on my toes, what you want to do to my cock—if I decide to give you that honor. Show me.”

Now feet are not my thing, in fact, I just don’t get the whole foot fetish thing, but I really did want his cock, I mean, I REALLY wanted his cock, so I reached down and undid one of his shoes, slipping it off his foot and then unrolling his sock along with it.

His feet were bare, revealed to my gaze and to my mouth. Looking at them I suddenly didn’t feel repulsed, they were a part of Drakkar and so, by extension, were sexy. I licked the top of his foot. When my tongue was not greeted by a repugnant taste or an obscene smell, and when he didn’t move away, I grew bolder and licked it again, but with the flat of my tongue rather than the tip. Still nothing bad happened.

“Show me, show me what you’d do to my cock.” Drakkar ordered in his silken voice, and I suddenly felt an insatiable hunger for his feet–I wanted those toes as much as I wanted his dick, and I needed to show him that I deserved both.

I threw all my inhibitions to the wind and began to lap at him like a dog. I slathered his foot, the top, the arch and between his toes, with my tongue, bathing it in spit. Kissing, licking and nipping at his skin, I showered that foot with attention. Finally, raising myself up slightly I pulled his foot up, trusting him to keep his balance, and pulled his big toe into my mouth. I sucked on it the same as I would if it were a cock, gently, but firmly. I swirled my tongue around it, twisting it and pressing. Then I moved on to the next toe–without taking the first from between my lips, and then the next.

Soon my mouth was stretched wide with every one of his toes crammed into it. I sucked on them the best I could without being able to close my lips, licking at them, oblivious to the drool that escaped my lips.

Finally, after an eternity of waiting, he spoke again–withdrawing his foot as he did so. “Mmm, very nice Steffie–very nice. So that’s what you’d do with my cock is it?”

“Yes,” I replied, looking up at him from my place on the floor and wiping the drool from my chin with the back of my hand. “Please, let me suck your cock.”

“No, not yet.” He chuckled evilly at the disappointment that must have been etched on my face at his words. “Undo your robe Steffie, take it off. I want to see you naked.”

I scrambled to my feet to do as he asked, untying the knotted belt, slipping the robe from my shoulders and tossing it onto my bed. I stood there, not feeling a chill in the air, if there was one, totally naked while his dark eyes scanned every inch of my body.

My blonde hair was still wet, but drying, and while most of it was slicked back against my head a few stray bits had managed to escape the moisture and I could feel them tickling the side of my face.

My big boobs (fake, but worth every penny thank you very much) with their light pink nipples attracted most men, and Drakkar didn’t seem to be an exception. By the way my nipples felt I could tell they were puckered and hard with excitement. My pussy was completely bereft of hair; I’d had it waxed just two days ago–long enough for the redness and swelling to go away, leaving just a perfectly smooth snatch. My clit was already throbbing with excitement.

Drakkar’s eyes scanned me, taking in every detail–I could feel the heat of his gaze as it moved over my skin, like a caress against me it marked me, branded me, made me want him even more and I sighed with pleasure.

“Very nice.”

I bloomed with the compliment; I could feel my clit throbbing harder and squirmed inwardly. “Very nice” he said again, and then motioned toward the bed. Taking that to mean I should lay on it, I did scrambled to do just that–laying down flat on my back with my legs spread wide.

“Very nice,” he whispered once more, his eyes resting on my exposed pink pussy. Then, still standing at the foot of the bed, he undid his pants and withdrew one of the yummiest looking cocks I’d ever seen. No wait, scratch that, it WAS the yummiest looking cock I’d ever seen, bar none. About nine inches long it was just wide enough that I could wrap the fingers of one hand around it–so not monstrously huge or anything, but just right. He was circumcised and I could see a pearly drop of pre-cum glistening on its head.

Without taking his pants off, he knelt on the bed and pushed my splayed legs back together. Then, with one of his legs on either side of my body, he slowly crept up the length of me, until his dick rested on my chest between my two big titties.

He looked down at me and a silent command passed between us, one I obeyed immediately. Pressing my boobs together I trapped his cock between them. His eyes never left mine, making my insides wiggle with desire. I squeezed my thighs tight together as well, alternately flexing and relaxing them while he moved his cock slowly back and forth between my tits.

“Stop it.” He commanded, and I knew he meant the pleasure I was giving myself by flexing my thighs. “Your pleasure only comes at my decision, and I’ve not decided if you deserve it yet or not. Stop it.”

Reluctantly I stopped, but it took no small amount of willpower to pull it off. I was desperate to feel him touch me, to have him fuck me–anything. While turning him on, servicing and pleasuring him, made me wet, it alone would not get me off, and I suspected he knew that.

He thrust forward harder, hard enough that the head of his dick popped out from between my boobs.

“Suck it.” He whispered, and by craning my neck I was able to obey. Still he titty fucked me, back and forth, but now at the end of each upstroke he drove his dick into my mouth, allowing me to taste him, to suck on him and swirl my tongue over him, before pulling away and letting it disappear between my boobs. A cool, wet trail marked the path of his cock, moisture from my mouth that lubricated his way, making it easier for him to fuck my chest harder and faster.

He kept increasing the pace, slamming his dick harder into my boobs, my mouth. As his hips rocked frantically back and forth I thought for sure he was going to cum and spray my tits with his jizz, but he had other plans.

Abruptly, he jerked himself out of the cavern my cleavage had made for him, and grabbing the back of my head with two hands, plunged his cock into my mouth. So hard and so fast did he do it, that I gagged as it slammed into the back of my throat, then, tilting my head back just a little, I managed to maneuver so that his dick could slip down my throat without making me retch.

“Good girl!” he growled. His fingers were twisted up in my hair and any trace of tenderness that he’d shown before was gone. He slammed his dick in and out of my mouth with the same ferocity that most men would slam a pussy–it made me gag still sometimes when he deep throated me, but as he face fucked me my pussy got wetter and it took every ounce of willpower I possessed to not reach between my legs and start frigging my clit.

A sound, very much like a growl, erupted from Drakkar’s throat and he threw back his head, staring up at the ceiling while still, he drove his throbbing prick deeper and deeper into my face. Slamming his cock in all the way up to his balls, he held my face against him. I could feel the rough fabric of his pants pressing against my nose and chin, and struggled to breathe. He finally released me, and then, almost immediately, he did it again.

And again.

I looked up at him, and we made eye contact. That was it, suddenly he lost it. Pulling out of my mouth, he slapped my face twice times with his cock and then, tugging on it frenetically a couple times, suddenly lost his load–all over me.

Hot, sticky streams of goo sprayed over my face–seriously, it was more cum than I’d ever seen a man gush, ever. It plastered my cheeks, splashed into my eye and hung from my hair. The sound of Drakkar cumming above me, combined with the hot spoo bathing my skin made me whimper with desire, but still, I somehow managed to refrain from fingering myself.

Once his load had been spent, Drakkar got off me and I stumbled blindly toward the bathroom to clean up–at least enough to see. As I washed the jizz from my eyes, I couldn’t help but smile–surely now it was my turn, surely I’d proven that I deserved his cock–surely.

Seconds later I rushed back into the bedroom, only to find it empty. The windows were open; apparently the wind had died down though as they weren’t banging, merely standing open–even the curtains were still. A sob of disappointment and disbelief caught in my throat as I took in the scene. Then I noticed the hastily scribbled note on the bed. It said “I’ll be back.”

Frustration flooded my being and I sank to my knees beside my computer in despair, trying valiantly not to cry. By chance I happened to glance at the computer monitor and noticed something that made my blood run cold.

The browser window, opened up to my private message screen from the goth website showed a new message–one from Drakkar. Worse still, the time stamp said it had been sent an hour ago–which would be right about the time I was sucking his toes.

With trembling fingers I reached for the mouse, moved it over the link and, holding my breath, clicked. The message took painfully long to load, but once it did, my heart stood still as I read:


I’m disappointed I won’t see you tonight, but I’ll let you make it up to me tomorrow. I’ll pick you up at 6:30.



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