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Mara Malin’s INKomplete series is on sale right now, and it’s a gooder! Honestly, I think these books are worth paying full price for, but then again, I’m biased. Now, however, you just can’t go wrong. The first book, INKarnate, is completely free and the other three are less than a buck each.

So, basically, for the price of a good cup of coffee you can pick up all four titles.

Clicky clicky

But wait! There’s more!

To accompany this sale we have a series of awesome bonus content. First, Mara wrote a guest post about the realities of publishing with a micro-press and how much work goes into producing a book and getting it into the hands of readers. You can read that here –> The Aftermath

Then, if you’re the kind of reader who enjoys a free preview before you pick up a book, you can read the first chapter of INKarnate for free right here –> INKarnate: The First Chapter

Mara also re-wrote one of the scenes from INKarnate, the one where our main character Emily is interviewing for a job at the tattoo studio. In the book the scene is told from Emily’s point of view. In this new, re-written version we get to see it from Matt’s. Matt – The Other Side of the Interview

And lastly, Mara shares the fruits of some of her tattoo research in another guest post. This one is Top Five Tattoo Stories. The stories in this case are non-fiction 🙂

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