Introducing Anna Kyle!

It's a picture of an adorable pup but if we use our imaginations we can pretend that it's a wolf shapeshifter pup! Okay, maybe not. But it's adorable anyway!It’s official.

The Ts have been crossed, the Is dotted and the contracts signed. I’m super excited to announce the Anna Kyle is the newest author at Red Moon Romance.

Even more exciting? I’m her editor!

Anna created a fun world full of sexy shapeshifters, mages, omegas and fae and then set her Wolf King series within it:

Whispers of the Wolf King’s return after a thousand years absence foretell the resurrection of an ancient evil and stir up hidden enemies. The shapeshifters, magic-users, Omegas (the shifter/mage hybrids), and the Fae must turn their blades, fangs, and claws away from each other and work together to defeat a growing horde that threatens the extinction of them all.

Dun dun dun!

The first title we’ll be releasing is Skye Falling. It’s a sizzling hot novella with shapeshifting and magic and… well, let me just share the official description, shall I?

Skye, a Fae-shapeshifter halfing, could die if she doesn’t find out how to wake her dormant wolf and no one in Faerie can help her. Rumors of the Wolf King’s return inspire her to slip through the Chicago portal in search of aid, but the dizzyingly bright lights and sounds of the human realm are too tempting to ignore. So is the sexy shapeshifter wolf intent on capturing her—the one who stirs her sleeping wolf just long enough to bind the handsome stranger to her with a mate-bond.

Lake is willing to do anything to protect the Wolf King, a man he also calls friend. So when he receives word that a Fae princess has slipped into Chicago, he suspects a plot to assassinate the Wolf King. He’s certain capturing her will be as easy as locating her—that was his first mistake. Not only is his wolf a little too interested in Skye, but the wolf accepts her mate-bond without any say-so from him. As he unravels the truth surrounding the smart-mouthed princess and whether she’s hunting his friend or being hunted by someone else, Lake’s mission changes: protect Skye at all costs. And keep her for himself.

Skye Falling will be available later in 2015, but you can add it now to your Goodreads “want to read” lists.

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About Anna Kyle:

Anna wrote her first story at age 12 on an old manual typewriter, and though the technology has changed, she hasn’t stopped since. She lives in the Midwest surrounded by family and friends and dogs and horses. They’ve forgiven her (mostly) when they appear in her stories. She reads everything she can get her hands on, but romances, especially paranormals, are her favorite. Vampires, humans, Fae, shapeshifters, or demons, it doesn’t matter—Anna’s heart goes pitter-pat for the Happily Ever After. Hot heroes + strong, funny heroines = awesome.

Find her online @SandsOfTime5050 and

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