Luminous Dreams Countdown Sale

Luminous Dreams Countdown Sale

From today until April 13th, Luminous Dreams by Alexa Piper will be involved in an Amazon countdown sale. The way that works is the book starts at the low, low, super low price of $0.99 and then slowly, over the course of the week, that price increases until it gets back to its regular price of $2.99.

What does that mean for you? Well, it means the sooner you act, the more you save!

Luminous Dreams contains nine erotic short stories and one Amazon reviewer described it as “…the most fantastic, sexiest, erotic twist on fairy tales and myths that I have ever read.

If that’s all you need to hear to to be convinced it’s something you ought to give a read to, you can pick up your copy by clicking here:

Luminous Dreams on Amazon

Or, if you’re still not sure keep reading for a short description of each one of the stories you’ll find between the covers!

Relax, close your eyes . . . and dream.

Nine tales, nine sensual dreams of enchantment, wanderlust and lovers’ longings, of searching and finding; these dreams tell of birds of fire, curses that lie like bridges between night and day, and hunger for sweet seduction.

“Phoenix and Styx” Flesh and myth tumble together, strangers in a world too small to hold them. Can they find balance long enough to seek their pleasure, or are they destined to combust?

“Fortune’s Song” Eliron is a recluse with a bad reputation, Aurora is a fortune teller’s daughter turned nomad. Together, they sing harmonies to make harps blush, but their real song, their true song, may just be something darker and deeper.

“Candy and the Witch” When Gretel finds a candy trail in the woods leading to succulent desires, she doesn’t walk blindly into its trap—she lays one of her own.

“The Night Train: Story of a Passage” As Taite boards the night train, she expects a less-than-satisfactory nap, not a steamy encounter with mystical strangers and a choice that could change the very course of her life.

“I Will Feed You Honey” An ancient muse trapped within a Tarot card, a dancer trapped just outside the bright lights of center stage—they could be each other’s salvations . . . or prisons. But before that question is answered, Marina will have to figure out if the sexy dreams she’s been having of a masked man are fantasy inspired by the Tarot card that manages to slip between her sheets . . . or real.

“The Acorn Princess” Alice enters the woods to get away from the world, what she discovers awakens earthy desires she didn’t even know dwelled within her.

“Drinks and the Other Witch” When Hansel meets a stranger from a strange place, sweet seduction is what he wants.

“Nocturnal Conquests” Ana never noticed them, but they’ve been watching her, waiting, hungering for her. When the three of them finally meet the ending is inevitable—consume and be consumed—or is it?

“A Raven by Day” Sofia knows sunlight only through a raven’s eyes and hasn’t much use for her nocturnal, human body until she meets Hayden, whose hands work her flesh with the same awe and reverence as his metal and clockwork creations. But can Hayden keep the raven in his heart and the woman in his bed, or will they both fly away?

Pick up your copy now for as little as 99 cents!

Luminous Dreams

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