O is for Orgasms

Orgasms come in many, many different flavours. From the obviously fake and goofy:

Meg Ryan Orgasm
(okay, that clip is actually pretty believable, but later on with the flailing and the hair tossing? I find that a wee bit fake)

To the incredibly hot:

Yum(oh my freaking gawd, right?)

but whatever the flavour I find them to be one of the most challenging parts of writing a sex story. How do you describe something that is so incredibly intense and different for everyone?

In some stories I go for the purely internal description, how it feels emotionally. In others, it’s all about the physicality. Which is your favourite to read, or do you even have a favourite?

*Special thanks go to Lola from Sex Babble who gave me the idea to start adding some .gifs to these blog posts 😉

**The .gifs aren’t working right for me, alas, so if they aren’t working for you I suggest clicking on the second one to see it on its original website lookin’ awesome.

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