Oh Hai!

May was supposed to be the month where I got to relax and recover from April. Unfortunately the universe doesn’t seem to have received the memo. I’ve been up to my ass with alligators as my stepdad used to say. That hasn’t left a lot of time for porn writing but it *has* given me a chance to make some decisions.

I’ve decided that short story collection I’d written and spoken about before needs to reach an audience. I’m going to go through the stories again very soon and pick out which ones to post for free on here and which to offer for sale (probably through Amazon). I’ll get back to you on that very soon, but either way, that means more free content coming soon.

I think it’s also about time to implement the whole ‘Writing Under Glass’ part of this website. If you have any suggestions for a niche, fetish or topic you’d like to see me tackle for the opener let me know, otherwise just keep an eye on this space where I’ll explain it all and get started soon.

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