College Bound by Mia De Rossi

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I adore blogging but there are only a finite amount of hours in the day and mostly I need to spend them writing, right? So with that in mind I have signed up to be a tour host for Bewitching Book Tours. That means I will have the opportunity to introduce you to other erotic delights and authors you might want to check out. The very first of these is Mia De Rossi and her brand new collection, College Bound.

College BoundCollege Bound is a collection of five short erotic tales, all starring college students exploring their nascent sexuality. From menage to male/male to first-timers, there’s something for everyone in this scorching hot anthology.

This collection isn’t kinky in the BDSM sense of the word, but it is all about exploring boundaries and pushing limits so I thought you might be interested in it just the same. Below is an excerpt from Mia’s story, A Virgin Seduction, which is one of the titles included in College Bound, and then below that is a short interview I conducted with the author herself. Enjoy 🙂

A Virgin Seduction

She lay there, completely bared to him, juices trickling onto her inner thighs. Luke looked at every inch of her as if he was seeing her for the first time. Pamela felt a blush start in her cheeks and work its way to her ears and neck. “What?” she asked softly.

“You’re so fucking beautiful,” he said, leaning down to plant a kiss on her belly button.

His tongue traced the edge, and Pamela shivered. Goosebumps popped up on her skin. Luke began to kiss his way lower, licking and nipping at her soft skin. Pamela’s breath caught in her throat. Luke had never gone down on her before. She’d heard from the other college girls that the pleasure of being eaten out was so incredibly out of this world, but she’d always wondered if she’d enjoy it as much as they seemed to. It looked like she was going to find out.

When he scraped his teeth on her mound, she shivered. He looked up at her, a wicked gleam in his eyes. While their eyes were locked, he pushed her thighs apart and bent his head down to her clitoris. Softly, almost chastely, he kissed it.

Electricity raced up Pamela’s body and seemed to explode in her brain. She arched her back without even knowing she was doing it, raising her hips so he could do it again. A moan began deep in her throat.

Smiling, Luke blew gently on her engorged bundle of nerves. The anticipation was killing her. She moaned again, and whispered a breathy, “Please.”

He grinned, his full lips plump and so kissable. “Please what, Pam?”

“Luke…” She wanted his tongue so badly, but she didn’t know if she could say it out loud. She’d never said anything like that before.

“Yes?” He kissed her mound again, teasing her, not touching her excruciatingly ready clit.

“I… I want your tongue. Please.”

In answer, he bent down and licked her wet slit, all the way from her perineum, diving briefly into her opening, and continuing up to her throbbing clit. His tongue traced a lazy circle around it.

“Oh, God.” She thrust her hips up again, her eyes closing, her body focusing so intensely on the pleasure between her legs. She could feel Luke’s stubble grazing her wet core, and the contrast of that and his soft tongue massaging her bundle of nerves was exquisite. She felt her whole body begin to rock to his rhythm. Up and down and up again. “Oh, Luke, yes!”

About Mia

Mia De Rossi Mia De Rossi counts herself lucky to be able to stay home and write about love and sex while in her pajamas. Since she lives in Charleston, South Carolina, arguably one of the most romantic cities in the United States, she doesn’t have to work too hard to draw inspiration from her beautiful surroundings.

College, for her, was a fascinating experience. She attempts to capture those days of freedom and possibility in her sexy stories.

Her favorite things are wine, chocolate, and books, but not always in that order.

Interview With Mia De Rossi

My Lovely eyesWhat is it about Charleston that makes you love it so much?

I went to high school here and met my husband here, so it’s sort of got this amazing nostalgic feeling about it to me. My husband’s parents are here, too, so it feels like home. Not to mention, it’s got beaches! Who doesn’t love the beach?

Why would you call it one of the most romantic cities in the United States?

If you walk in downtown Charleston, it’s almost possible to forget that it’s the 21st century. The lovely, sprawling Southern homes, the horse-drawn carriages, the ancient graveyards—everything is saturated with history. It’s the perfect city for falling in love.

What’s the best part about writing sexy stories?

I love a good sexy story. I’m a huge fan of Selena Kitt, whose erotica is so much deeper than who’s banging whom.  I think sex is fun, but it can also be really thought-provoking. It has the potential to bring out the best or worst in people, and that’s an interesting thing to observe, both as a writer and a reader.

So, why set all these stories in college?

College is one of those pivotal times in most people’s lives, where you live with a bunch of other people who have common interests, and some very interesting people who you have nothing in common with, but have to be around anyway. It’s a learning experience in so many different ways, and it makes up a sort of bridge of neither teen nor adult for people that can be challenging, exciting, and mysterious all at once.

Did you go to college?

I did indeed. I have a Bachelors of Science in Psychology. I only did one year as a resident student, though. The rest I did online, which I totally loved.

If you had to choose, which story in the collection would be your favourite?

Ooh, tough one! Probably Swimmer’s Seduction because it embodies exactly what I mean about college. You just never know. 😉

What comes next for you?

I just finished up the last story of my Billionaire Cowboys series. Now I need to think up another series! It’s going to be fun.

Thanks for having me!

You can find Mia on the web at the following places:

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