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Paranormal CircusI find myself in a bit of an unusual position… My erotica under glass theme for this year, Paranormal Circus, has gone from being a total stumper to taking on a life of its own. I think it’s going to be a huge project — so big I expect it will be my under glass theme for this year and next year. It’s going to be several short stories and novellas (and possibly even a novel) which all share the same cast, setting and overlapping timelines. It’s kind of a behemoth LOL

I’m just finishing up fleshing out the cast of characters, figuring out some romantic pairings/groupings and getting a handle on some of the plots. I think I’ll be ready to begin actually writing stories as early as next week, which is exciting. I’d actually meant to be writing last month but that was before I realised how big and involved this project was going to be LOL

On a seemingly unrelated note? I have a couple extra stock art credits at Fotolia this month. If you’d like to shoot me a photo prompt to use in one of the Paranormal Circus stories this is a fantastic time to do that.

Just take a look at Fotolia and send me the complete URL of the photo you’d like me to use to help inspire a story or character. You can send that as a comment to this post, via social media or even email.

If I use your prompt in a story I will send you a copy of the story when it’s released as a book 🙂


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