Sexy Stories Under Glass

In the coming weeks there is going to be a lot of activity here at my Shiny blog. I’m going to be posting some more stories (just working on the covers now.) and I’m also going to have my first foray into writing Sexy Stories Under Glass.

What is Writing Under Glass?

Good question. The thing is, writing is usually a very solitary, introverted activity but every once in a while it’s fun to shake things up. One way to do that is to undertake a writing exercise like Harlan Ellison‘s “Stories Under Glass” where he would go to a bookstore and write a story in its window based on an idea or prompt given to him by someone else, or like Elizabeth Barrette‘s Poetry Fishbowls where she takes that idea, puts it online and cyberfunds it.

I expect my version of writing under glass to evolve over time as this blog matures and my readership grows, however, I’m going to make my first attempt at writing under glass in the next few weeks and I’m going to keep it simple to start.

How It Will Work

I plan to dedicate four consecutive days this summer to writing under glass. Over those days I will be accepting photo prompts from you, my readers, and turning those prompts into poems, short stories or (maybe if I’m super inspired) novellas or novelettes.

For this first round I will share a quarter of my first drafts* right here on the blog as I finish them, and over the weeks that follow will offer up at least another quarter of the stories for free here as well. The other half may be offered for free, made into downloadable books for purchase or tucked away behind a SexKey gateway (which would require you to have or sign up for a free membership to access) or behind a Bee Tokens gateway at my discretion.

*When I revise those first drafts I will replace the first drafts with the new, edited versions but they will still be available for free on the blog.

How to Participate

You can join in and influence the direction my writing takes by sharing some sexy photos you’d like me to draw inspiration from with me. There are two ways to do this. One is by posting a link to them (not the image itself) as a comment to either this post or, when I put it up, the official post announcing the days I’ll be writing under glass for. Or, if you’re too shy to post that in public you can email me a link to an image. My email is shiny at corividae dot com.

The best images for inspiration are going to have an evocative mood. And I’ll give you bonus points if the images come from a stock image site that will allow me to license them to use on book covers when I’m done (frex: IStockPhoto or Fotolia). You’d be surprised how many sizzling images you can find there if your search fu is high.

For example:

Though, really images without a recognizable face are better just because of licensing restrictions.

Even though I haven’t set the exact dates for this writing under glass adventure to begin (I will very soon) you are welcome to begin sending image prompts in now, or waiting as you prefer.

If I use an image prompt you send in I will dedicate the story to you. Include in your comment or email how you would like to be credited (by your first name? anonymously? by a handle?) or if you’d rather not be. If you don’t tell me how you’d like to be credited, you won’t be. I don’t want to take the risk of embarrassing anyone.

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