Skye Falling Bitty Blog Tour

The amazing Ms. Anna Kyle‘s novella, Skye Falling, is coming out later this month. It’s Anna’s first book and it represents a lot of firsts for me too. For one thing it’s my first Red Moon Romance title and for another it’s the first romance novella I’ve edited. I’m excited and I want to celebrate a little bit.

I want to organise a bitty blog tour for Anna. Nothing too big or elaborate (I’ll leave that sort of thing to RMR’s publicist LOL) but something intimate and celebratory. Because.

So, can I borrow your blog? Would you be willing to host a guest post, interview, spotlight stop or something of the like? I’d really appreciate it and (of course) be willing to return the favour.

If you’re willing to host a post for our bitty blog tour please contact me however you prefer. A comment here, email [], a message on Twitter — whatever works for you.

And if you don’t have a blog but you could signal boost this post for me, I’d appreciate that too.

Thank you!

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