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I’m not going to lie. I was sitting here thinking to myself, “I need an excuse to go on social media and talk about The Longest Night…” and then I thought, “Oh, I haven’t done an excerpt post yet!”

So here I am. With an excerpt to post in the hopes that it will intrigue you enough to pick up a copy of the story.

I’m just that devious.


Excerpt from The Longest Night

“Cairn, I want to see you,” she said, finally undoing the last of his coat’s buttons and pushing it off his shoulders.

“You can see me, Mary,” he said, laughing and shrugging out of the jacket. His arms got caught a moment in the sleeves but he leaned up and pulled them out, throwing the coat off into the center of the floor.

“No, the real you. Not this glamour.”

Now that he was healing his powers were recovering—it took a long time to fully recover from spending over three hundred years in Limbo. Only a few months ago maintaining his glamour would have required constant attention, but now the effort was so miniscule it didn’t even register anymore and he often forgot it was up.

He let the spell drop and watched as Mary’s lips curved up into a smile. Oh, how he adored her smile. It made his chest squeeze and his cock grow hard at the same time.


“Oh, there you are,” Mary breathed. Cairn, the real Cairn, not the illusion he wore while they were in public. When she’d first summoned him he’d looked nearly human—too sexy to be human, perhaps, but nearly human. In the months since then, though, his horns had grown back.

She’d felt them, the broken edges where they’d been cut from his head, the first time they’d been together, but now they were intact and beautiful things. They were black. No, more than black. Not only did they not reflect light, they seemed to consume it. To suck it in from all around. They were like shadows given form, or vacuums made solid.

Harder than bone, they seemed more like iron. Twisted, beautiful iron. The horns themselves were spiraled, like the incubus version of a unicorn horn she’d seen in a book when she was a kid. Unlike that horn, though, they didn’t stick straight up, but had a slight curve to them. Cairn said once they were fully grown they would curve like a ram’s, but there was nothing about them that reminded her of a mammal. They were all demon—from their otherworldly colour, to the weird cold they seemed to emanate, and the way they changed his profile into something abyssal—and they drove her wild with desire.

She felt him, hard between her legs, even through his trousers and her skirt. It made butterflies flitter in her belly and she unbuttoned his shirt, slowly, kissing every patch of skin as it was revealed to her and then pushing it off his shoulders.

She ran her fingers down his throat, pausing where she could see his pulse beating at its base, then lifted her fingers to press her lips against that spot. She sucked and nibbled, drawing a gasp and then a groan from him. Suddenly, he pulled away and knelt above her.

She smiled and then tossed her head back. It launched her toque off somewhere behind her, and her hair tumbled free and spread in red-gold waves she could see from the corner of her eye. More importantly, it bared her throat to Cairn.

He had fangs.

She couldn’t usually see them but when he kissed her she could feel them.

He leaned forward and kissed, nipped and sucked at her throat—giving her what she so obviously wanted. His fangs pressed against the soft skin of her neck. He could tear her throat out in a heartbeat if he wanted, and that thought sent a thrill right through her. He was dark and dangerous beyond imagining but he posed no threat to her. On the contrary, she had no doubt he would protect her from anything that tried to harm her. That feeling of absolute safety, coupled with the dark, forbidden deliciousness of being with a demon of all things, made her slick with want.


Dun dun dun!

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“Oh dear God … this book is HOT. My husband actually read one of the sex scenes and said, “All men should read this so they know what to do.” Bahaha!! I just love Mary as a fiery heroine, and Cairn is to die for. Both characters are beautiful, complex, and overflowing with sensuality. It’s a short read, so if you’re looking for an erotic pick-me-up, this is the book for you.”

— Sara Dobie Bauer author, Bite Somebody


Though The Longest Night stands on its own, Circles Within Circles is the story of Mary and Cairn’s meeting. It’s the one that started the series:

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