Two FREE Under Glass Titles

Today I am incredibly excited to release not one, but two brand new Erotica Under Glass titles, and both of them for FREE!

The first book, Running on Empty, is the first installment in a serialised story set in a post-apocalyptic world. Years ago Olivia broke up with Jacob, dramatically shouting, “Not if you were the last men on Earth!” But now Jacob and his partner Liam very nearly are the last men on Earth and Liv, who is completely exhausted and in danger must seek them out to help save herself and her children. This story features both M/m and M/f action (including spanking and domination) but no actual intercourse. You won’t miss it though, honest :-p

Running on Empty 200x300

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(It might take a while for Amazon to switch the price to free so if they are still charging I suggest trying a different distributor)

The second story is pretty much the exact opposite of the first LOL Moonlight and Magic is a steamy Femdom adventure that includes foot fetishism, ponyplay and pegging. It’s the result of one reader daring me to write a story that included pegging (with bonus points if it was a small woman and a large man) and another reader asking for a ponyplay twist on a familiar fairy play.

Moonlight and Magic

Download your FREE copy here!

I hope you’ll check them out. If you like them, please leave a review on Goodreads or Amazon–especially for Running on Empty as how quickly I put out the next installment of that story will depend on how enthusiastically it is received.




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