X is for Xeno

Blogging from A to ZThe obvious choice for my X blog is, of course, XXX but I hate doing that obvious. So I racked my brain to come up with another X topic and the best idea I could come up with was doing XXX but as a movie review of the Vin Diesel film. That would require me to watch that movie again and as much as I adore Vin I have no intention of giving that movie another 90 minutes of my life.

So I poked through a dictionary and I came across the word Xeno. You know, that like the prefix to the word Xenophobic? And it occurred to me that to someone who isn’t kinky BDSM and all it entails is really a whole new, alien world. It could be very easy to just judge it as weird and turn your back but I’ve noticed that, with few exceptions, most people are actually pretty accepting and have a ‘What consenting adults do behind closed doors is their business’ attitude and that is awesome. Awesome.

Sometimes I find reason to question, but mostly I think people rock.

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