2015 Goals — Checking In

Every year I set goals for myself because I find them a very good way to keep myself on track and (at least a little bit) focused. Of course, that only works if I look back at them at the end of the year to assess how well I’ve done at reaching them before setting goals for the new year.

Let’s see how 2015 went. First I’ve listed my goal (crossed out if it was completed or I changed my mind about it), then I’ve added any explanation or elaboration I felt like including 🙂

My 2015 Goals

As a writer:

  • Self-publish all my old ‘Steffie Sherwood’ stories

I kept waffling on this because reasons, but eventually decided against it because I’d rather spend my “Cori Writing Time” (which is totally a thing LOL) working Under Glass or on new works rather than on stuff that’s ten years old. I’m calling this completed still though, because I made a conscious decision not to do this as opposed to trying to reach the goal and failing.

  • Have at least one successful ‘Writing Under Glass’ event

I’m still typing up a bunch of the stories but I’m super stoked about the ‘She’s on the Bottom‘ Under Glass event of 2015. Not only did I have some prompts provided by readers, we actually raised a few bucks for charity and I got a whack of first drafts done. Now I just need to get all those stories up and available for sponsorship so I can move on to my next theme 🙂

  • Figure out why my tags and categories on this website have suddenly stopped working >_<

I finished this the same day I put it on the list 😉

  • Publish at least one story through a traditional publisher

My story, “Circles Within Circles” was included in the Demons, Imps and Incubi anthology.

  • Complete one of my half-finished longer projects (incubus, Twin Magic or 2012’s NaNo novel)

I finished Twin Magic, though I re-titled it ‘The Coolest Wife Ever‘ and I still haven’t transcribed it. Still counts :-p

  • Begin adapting ### ####### for re-release

I wrote a femdom novel a few years back that was published under a different name than this one. I’ve since pulled it from publication (because reasons) but several of my readers have been asking for me to re-release it. I was going to, but eventually decided not to. Partly for the same reasons I’m not re-releasing the Steffie Sherwood stuff, and partly because other reasons :-p

  • Build a solid list of people on Twitter who I enjoy following and interacting with.

I haven’t actually been actively building my list on Twitter for a long time now (9 months?) but I have met several people I really like chatting with there, so I’m happy 🙂


As an editor:

  • Edit at least two titles for Red Moon Romance that are released this year or next
    • This may include the Secret Santa anthology I’m currently working on, but bonus points if they are in addition to it 🙂

Oh, so done 🙂 This year, for Red Moon Romance I edited:

Skye Falling by Anna Kyle
Luminous Dreams by Alexa Piper
The Naughty List
Omega Rising by Anna Kyle (Coming Soon)
Rough Edges (Coming Soon)

I also have one manuscript on my ‘Request to Publish’ list, I’m considering a few others and my third Red Moon Romance anthology, kINKED is open to submissions.

  • Successfully acquire stories to create a strong table of contents for the anthology I proposed to Red Moon Romance (hint: see picture above) and deliver the manuscript on time

This is referring to the Rough Edges anthology which I am ridiculously stoked for 🙂 There’s no table of contents announcement yet because we’re just finishing up editing, but hang on to your hats because this collection is gonna blow you away. For real. I know I just sorta turned into a commercial there, but it’s true. Super steamy stories firmly grounded in plot. Plus romance. And cowboys. Do you need to read this book? Yes. Yes you do.

In conclusion–I am super proud of myself. This year I either surpassed my goals or made a deliberate decision not to pursue them. That’s totally a record for me and it makes me super excited to set my goals for this year. Set ’em up and knock ’em down, right?

Here’s hopin’…


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