C is for Crap! This post is late!

Blogging from A to ZActually, C is for Cori Vidae.

On my A is for About page someone commented and said they wanted to know more about me, about how I got into this line of writing. Seemed like a legit thing to want to know. Though, like most things in life, the answer to that question isn’t easy.

You know how every writer’s bio in the universe says “I’ve been writing for as long as I can remember / could hold a pen / knew how / whatever? Yeah. That. Except not so much writing stories as telling them to myself. The act of actually writing them down is work, it’s making them up that I love. So I’ve been doing that, for forever.

These days, ,most of the writing I do, under my real name, is not erotic in nature but once upon a time I made a living writing porn-tastic stories. How I got started is a long story and I don’t want to bore you but I think one of the key things is how I grew up.

Sex was pretty openly discussed in our house growing up. In fact, when I was a teenager I read those “Secret Confessions” type magazines with my mother’s permission. Not the explicit ones like Penthouse Letters (that came later LoL) but the more softcore ones. I don’t know how much those stories influenced my decision to write smut, but the fact that it was okay, was acceptable in my home went a long way.

Once I started writing erotica & porn (not, in my mind the same thing LOL) the fact I didn’t have to hide what I was doing from my family was key. In fact, a few years back I published a porn novel under a pen name and my mother advertised it for me to all her friends.

For better or worse, family support like that doesn’t come along every day, does it?

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