D is for Dominant

Blogging from A to ZSo… given that I mostly write kinky stories and dominance and submission (D/s, Ds or D&s) is a common recurring theme in them, I kinda had to make D be for Dominance or Dominant. I went with the latter because, well, it’s simpler 🙂

I suspect that most of the people who are reading this already know what a Dominant is, but for anyone who has just stumbled across this website randomly allow me to explain. In a D/s relationship one person is in control of another. The person in control is called the dominant and the person surrendering that control is the submissive. Dominants can be called many, many things:

Dom / Domme
Master / Mistress
Sir / Ma’am

To some people these titles all mean different things, to some they are all the same. The point as far as this blog entry is concerned, is that they are the person in charge.

*D/s relationships do not always involve sex, but for the sake of all my writing on this website we’ll assume that the ones I’m talking about do LOL


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